Zen Hiking in the Wilderness

In this hectic era that the early 21st century is, it is hard for people to clear their minds and stay in touch with the nature. This struggle of making our lives simpler and evermore user friendly left a bitter taste in our mouths. Even though it resulted in greater comfort, it further secluded us from our humble beginnings as the beings of the nature. This seclusion has left its mark on both our minds and our bodies. There is no better way to reestablish this connection than through a hike in the wilderness.

  1. Blue Mountain

Australia is without doubt one of the most dazzling and most incredible places in the world. Just a short hike through the amazing Blue Mountain region would be enough to support this claim. Visit the Western Sydney area via an incredible offer by Sydney Tours R Us and find out why when it comes to sightseeing Australia is second to none.

  1. The Swiss Alps

Now as opposition to the tropical Galapagos, the second place on this list goes to the incredible mountain region of Swiss Alps. Amongst many things that this place is renowned for, hiking takes quite a prominent place. Explore this region of highlands and meadows on foot and try to reconnect to the incredible nature around you.


  1. Angkor Wat

If you have always dreamed of an interesting on-foot jungle exploration, do not miss an opportunity to visit Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the former capital of the old Khmer kingdom and it was for quite a long time the largest city on earth. Nothing can be more interesting and more exciting than exploring these ancient ruins.


  1. Northern India

This incredible region is one of the most spiritual places on the face of earth. If the incredible Himalayas could speak it would tell a tale about one of the oldest and wisest civilizations this planet has ever seen. Go on long hikes and enjoy the rejuvenating clean air of the world’s largest mountain. Looking into the local traditional medicine or even the art of Yoga might also be worth your while.

  1. Yukon

If you decided to walk on foot all across Yukon, you would see enough wilderness for a lifetime. Here’s the deal, Canada is second largest country in the world and its province Yukon is alone larger than Germany and Belgium combined. Seeing as Canada is mostly uninhabited, here you can always see what the primordial wilderness looked like.


  1. Iceland

Landscapes you can see around Iceland are certainly amongst the most unique in the world. Most of them in fact look like something from a different planet. A hike around Iceland will certainly be a hike that you will never forget. Try to visit some of the most unbelievable Icelandic locations like the famous Blue Lagoon.


  1. Big Sur

If what you had in mind, while talking about hike was a walk along the coastline than you cannot afford to miss on visiting Big Sur in California. On this incredible Californian spot where Santa Lucia Mountains drop into the Pacific there are also many things to do apart from hiking. Some of these activities are backpacking, camping and fishing. However swimming here is considered to be quite dangerous.


  1. Etosha National Park

When speaking about hiking and landscape seeing, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without at least one African destination. An Etosha National Park is a jewel of Namibia is one of the last places on earth where you can see free roaming populations of black rhinos, cheetahs, lions and elephants.


  1. Marco Island

If however, you dream of visiting a partial wilderness, only hours away from the most renowned touristic destinations in the world, you can’t go wrong with Florida. This amazing island, located in the Gulf of Mexico is just a perfect place for canoeing, kayaking, camping and of course hiking.


  1. Galapagos islands

This paradise island, became a renowned wildlife hotspot in the late 19th century because of the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. It was exactly an incredible wildlife diversity that allowed Darwin to take a peek into the hidden mysteries of life. This island has 14 unique animals, you won’t be able to meet anywhere else. Apart from hiking on this touristic haven you can also go diving, snorkeling or surfing.


In the end, regardless of which of these locations you chose to visit, you will most definitely gain a memory of a lifetime. Moreover, reconnecting with the world around you as the adventurer you surely are is a vacation plan that is hard, if not impossible, to top.

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