Wild Adventures in the Arctic Circle

Of all the places on Earth to visit, those at the arctic circle probably get the least attention as vacation spots. With a harsh climate that doesn’t support human life easily, rugged terrain where little grows and occupying statistically limited stable ground, it’s understandable why the arctic isn’t a holiday hot spot. Simply put, there isn’t much there… and it’s cold.

…except there is probably more here than you think, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast.

With little in the way of human settlements, the arctic can be the perfect place to get away to if you’re looking for an escape into the wilderness. In today’s age of travel as a leisure pursuit, options have opened up these otherwise secluded and undesirable locations as real niches for adventure, ranging from as bare bones or as elaborately opulent as you are looking for. At the heart of either option though are the winter activities that everyone can enjoy on holiday thanks to vacation planners like The White Circle. Take a look below at some of the great things to do on a holiday to this one of a kind locale.


Unless you live in a country that gets enough snow to freeze the ground and cover it for long periods of time, you’ve probably never experienced the thrill of riding a snowmobile. Hop on one of these powerful machines and blast across the frozen tundra and see why having a car is totally overrated.

originalReindeer Games

The arctic doesn’t support much life but what it does is beautiful and stands out when you see them. Reindeer are real and they call the arctic home, moving in herds in the wild or towing sleighs for more than just jolly men in red.

Cross Country Skiing

One of the traditional ways to cross long distances in the arctic using little more than thin slats of wood and two stick for poles, cross country skiing is best appreciated where it originated. Get out into the wilderness and take in the simple tranquility of this unspoiled landscape with one of the best arctic pursuits.

Ice Fishing

While the result is the same, ice fishing is completely different from fishing on a boat. For one thing, you have to drill through very thick ice to access the unfrozen water beneath and then perch yourself in a small hut for long periods of time waiting for a bite. Sitting together with friends in a cozy hut on the frozen water, hearing the ice shift and crack but knowing you’re perfectly safe within your little dwelling is something everyone should experience.

Dog Sledding

Getting a team of huskies together behind a sled and hitting the frozen tundra is a great way to spend your time in the arctic. These dogs are beautiful, well trained and an essential part of understanding life in this unforgiving climate.

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