Chic Villas and Hotels

Why Villas are Better Than Hotels


There is this habit many travelers fall into where they end up doing the same thing each time they go on vacation. For some it’s all inclusive resorts, while others it’s the pack as much into a short period of time hostel adventure – and there is nothing wrong with these so long as you continue to have fun. With this in mind, even if you are having fun, it’s never a bad idea to mix it up with something different, and for many villa holidays are just the variation they need.

Unlike traditional luxury accommodation, villas break the rules by giving guests something different. While villas vary as widely as the locations in which they are found, you’ll be certain to experience something memorable whether it’s your first or forty-first stay.


More Room

There are always exceptions and sure, you can find some truly epic hotel suites, but chances are villa accommodation gives you much more space to unwind and relax. There are villas in Majorca or other fabulous destinations that give you your own pool and grounds to walk around on, just as if it was your summer home that you frequent throughout the season. What could be a more enjoyable way to spend your vacation?


Reasonable Price

When you consider a villa you get much the same experience as if you were an actual resident of the establishment for a fraction of the cost, it really is an extraordinary way to travel. Many upscale hotels will have many more amenities available for guests but be honest – how many of them do you actually use? In a villa, there are comparatively fewer amenities but they are things you will make use of.


Intimate Setting

Villas are much better suited to a romantic getaway than hotels if for no other reason than you aren’t crammed into a giant building with hundreds of other rooms. Whether it’s on the edge of a vineyard, perched atop a sun kissed peak or tucked away in some castle town, staying in a villa generally means you’re getting away from the crowds and getting some much deserved time alone.


Varied Locations

Hotels are pretty much always located in urban centres and their appeal is they are close to the downtown action, which is fantastic if this is what you want. When you’re planning a vacation you might know what country you want to stay in but your mind might change from which region in particular once you see what kinds of villas are open to you. Instead of basing yourself in a major city, you might opt to stay in a small town and do several day trips from time to time to different areas. It’s a slower paced way to travel, but it may just be your new favourite way to vacation!

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