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What are Hostels Like

A question many people have is what are hostels actually like? That is a valid question and one that scares many people off from actually using them. This article is going to try to look at what a hostel is and what a new traveler can expect from them when they go to spend time there.

Places to meet people 

What most people would agree is that hostels are great because they allow travelers to meet other travelers. Especially for the solo traveler this a fantastic function and pays for the price of admission right there. A lot of people traveling often have as much fun in the hostel with all the new people they have met as they do in the city they are visiting. The hostel is that place where you here the stories of meeting a person for day and making a friend for life. True, you can meet douche bags in there too, but more often than not in a hostel you will meet good people that you will be happy to spend your time with.


Unless you are shelling out extra for a private room, which really probably still not have its own bathroom, chances are you will be staying in a dorm room of varying size. Now there is an optimistic and a pessimistic way to look at this. In the positive ledger, and connecting to the first point, all the people in the room will be the first people you will meet. On the negative side being in a room with a lot of people doesn’t afford anyone that much privacy, especially if the varying people in the room have conflicting agendas -say people that want to party hard versus those who want to sleep and tour the city.

Travelers are in good Spirits 

As a last comment about what hostels are like it important to say that the majority of travelers are really happy to be traveling. What does this mean, it means you are meeting people when they are really happy and the result is they will be their best selves. Meeting someone at their best is a great experience and within the hostel it will happen again and again. Really this last point if the main one for suggesting hostels as a great place to stay time and time again.

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