West Australia: Four Hidden Beaches to Explore

Even though Australia is famous for its beaches like Bondi and the Gold Coast, these aren’t necessarily the best. Western Australia has incredible beaches and none more so than the quiet and secluded beaches you can find there. With no one to disturb your peace and with pristine natural landscapes, you’ll want to vacation here every summer instead of the famous but crowded and noisy beaches Australia is known for.

Turquoise Bay
Located in the Ningaloo Marine Park close to 60km from Exmouth, this secret beach doesn’t have the best surf in Australia, but its stunning Ningaloo Reef just metres from the shore more than make up for this. The clear water, which at sunset turns into a fabulous turquoise colour is shallow at the shore, but as you wade in, it gets deeper and fills with wonder. The reef provides a supreme snorkelling experience with exotic fish and coral filling you with awe. It’s not the Great Barrier Reef, you can be sure… it’s much better. Inexpensive and private, you can enjoy this beach and its reef for hours if not days.

Waterfall Beach
Something out of a dream, the very name should bring powerful imagery to your mind. Not very well known (which is all the better) as it’s tricky to find, getting there is an adventure in its own right. Located 30kms east of Albany, you’ll need to take the Lower Kalgan Road to Two Peoples Bay. The road quickly turns into a bush track leading to Little Beach where you’ll have to squeeze into a gap between the rocks. As soon as you lay eyes upon this wonder, you’ll be convinced that not even paradise could match the splendour of Waterfall Beach. Small and secluded, this beach offers a perfect swimming opportunity.

Conto’s Field
If neither snorkelling nor swimming is your fancy at a beach, perhaps fishing gets you excited. Conto’s Field is a camping ground 20km south of Margaret River, found in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. It boasts yellow limestone, marble white sand and clear blue waters that make it a scenic marvel. But more than this, it offers exquisite salmon fishing opportunities which you can cook at the camping facilities. To camp there, you’ll only have to pay $7 per adult per night. Take the Cape to Cape Track for a little adventure where you might encounter the rare and beautiful sight of humpback whales.

Lucky Bay
Found in Cape Le Grand National Park, upon reaching this perfect holiday getaway, you’ll know why they call it Lucky Bay. You’ll feel like a million dollars as you enjoy this secluded beach in relative privacy. Pack away your surf boards and surfing fins from FCS, you won’t need them here. Far from the surfer’s paradise, this beach prefers to offer you quiet and relaxation over extreme sports. With unbelievably clear water that’ll have you wonder what all this talk about pollution is, the fabulous soft white sands and exquisite views are enough to make you believe you’re in paradise.

Author’s Bio: Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer and frequent traveller to Australia’s west.

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