Weirdest Hotels in the World

The Hobbit Motel

Spending time in a hotel room is normally relaxing. Unlike at home, almost everything is done for you. You get room service and probably room TV and some other niceties just to make you feel relaxed. Then you pay for it. But do you know that there are some hotels that just seem out of this world? There are many, but here we just look at 5 of the weirdest hotels in the world.

1. The Poseidon Undersea Resort
This wonderful Fiji resort is reputed to be the first seafloor resort in the world. It is located on a private island and it has spectacular features. Here one finds themselves 40 feet under the water in this submarine-like resort. It has three luxurious accommodation sections. One is above ground, the other one is located over the water and the last one is on the floor of the ocean. The rooms are toe-shaped and one gets spectacular views especially on the ocean floor rooms.

2. The Hobbit Motel
This hotel in New Zealand was constructed from an idea from the popular book series of Lord of the Rings. It features round doors and windows with its rooms having been burrowed at the bottom of the surrounding hillside. This makes it look like it is growing from underground. Inside, there is very nice accommodation with very modern services. In order to have it retain its cool in summer and warmth in winter, this motel was built with polystyrene blocks. This is a wonderful place to visit while you are in New Zealand.

3. Hotel de Glace, Canada
As its name suggests, this weird Canada hotel is made using layers of thick ice making it look just like a mammoth igloo. But it has heated bathrooms which are isolated and also in the bedrooms there are fireplaces. But one has to sleep in arctic- strength bags to avoid freezing. Many weddings take place here. But this hotel which is only 10 minute form Québec City lasts from the first week of January to March with rooms remaining at sub-zero temperatures. While it lasts, it is always a spectacular site to behold.

4. Osaka Capsule Inn, Japan
Again, the name of this hotel suggests how it looks like. The rooms are like capsules or better still they look just like ovens. Here one will sleep comfortably and control the temperature using some control panels from inside. It looks like one is really cooking in an oven. To maximally utilise space, the capsule-like rooms are literally stacked on top of each other. But you will get wireless internet in your capsule. People going for usually long trips take a rest here especially those on business. Many hotel chains in the world are now duplicating its design

5. Jumbo Stay, Sweden
At the end tail of the 5 of the weirdest hotels in the world is the Jumbo Hotel in Sweden. This is an actual 747 jumbo jet which has been converted to a luxurious hotel. It has 27 rooms and 75 beds with the cockpit converted into a luxury suite. Since it is outside the airport, one is able to see planes landing and taking off from their hotel room. It is quite a unique hotel.

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