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Vineyards in Australia

As the world’s fourth largest exporter of wine, Australia is a major player in the vineyard game and is a must-see destination for any connoisseurs out there. Dating back almost 200 years, Australia has a rich history for wine cultivation and has a lot to offer to tourists who come specifically to check them out. In fact, it is difficult to research what there is to do and see in Australia through the internet or travel agents without coming across the wine industry – you may even feel you missed out if you go down under and do not take part in a tasting!

While every state produces wine and there are some fantastic hidden gems out there to be found, below is a list of some of the better known wine-producing regions of Australia, many of which contain wineries featuring accommodations and first class dining.

South Australia

This wine region is responsible for producing more than 50% of all Australian wine, due in part to its vast climate that ranges greatly and therefore benefits a variety of wine types from Rieslings to Shirazes. Home to many of Australia’s domestic boxed wines, this region is home to the famous brands like Penfold’s Grange and Jacob’s Creek. You won’t have a problem finding something to your liking in this region, particularly the further south you go and closer to Adelaide.

New South Wales

While not sporting the diversity of South Australia, NSW is the largest consumer of wine by far due to it being the most populous state – they drink more than they produce! Home to the mass produced brand Yellowtail, New South Wales produces a wide variety of grapes ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Semillon. Be sure to check out the wineries if you’re in the Sydney area as they make excellent day trips and a good break from the busy urban life.

Western Australia

Despite being the largest state in size, Western Australia does not produce the most wine – less than 5% – but what it does is considered to be of the highest quality. Located mostly in the south of the state. Western Australia wine is a lot like the state itself, often overlooked by travellers who are drawn in by the mainstays in the east, but those who take the time to make it out here are in for a treat.


Home to such export darlings as Beechworth, Alpine Valleys and Yarra Valley, Victoria wine has a reputation of being about individual taste more than mass production as is true in the other states. Containing over 600 wineries, there is sure to be something to appeal to your tastes, whether it be a Chardonnay or a Pinot noir. While many of the wineries encircle Melbourne, venture northeast to the warmer zone around Ruthergien for sweet, late harvest wines that spend most of their lives aging as raisins in hot tin sheds.

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