Vienna, Amsterdam, or Munich?

vienna3People don’t always have an unlimited amount of time for their trip plans. Decisions have to be made of where you are going to go and of course going to one part of Europe means another will be excluded. With that in mind, this article using a three part criteria – aesthetic beauty of the cities, things to do in the cities, and the overall amount of fun to be had in the cities – will give an answer as to what city between Vienna, Amsterdam, and Munich you should choose if you could just visit one.

Aesthetic Beauty 

This is a tough one to call as all three cities are really beautiful and will fill their visitors with a sense of awe. What holds Munich back compared to the others is that it was largely rebuilt after being damaged in the war.  Vienna has a pristine look in a city constantly reflecting its monarch family the Hapsburgs. In terms of monuments hands down Vienna has the edge. However, Amsterdam is a city that has a magical quality on its streets with a uniform look to its buildings the continuality of appearance really is beautiful.

Result: Tie – Amsterdam and Vienna.

Things to do

Again all three cities have plenty of different cultural things to do. Munich has several art galleries and has some fantastic tours that represent the long and varied history of the city. Amsterdam is filled with examples of its Flemish artistic roots with several amazing art museums, the Anne Frank House, and canal cruises. Vienna though is the city of culture that has amazing classical music performed at the state opera house, museums galore in the museum quarter, and amazing Hapsburg palaces such as Schoenbrunn. In the end, again, its close between Amsterdam and Vienna, but Vienna wins by a hair.

Result: Vienna


Though not truly a party city, and comparably both Vienna and Munich have more bar options, Amsterdam is still the clear winner. The Dutch liberal attitude means Amsterdam has long been a place where people come to let loose, smoke pot, and have fun. Generally there are not a lot of rules in Amsterdam, people are relaxed and people are having a lot of fun.

Result: Amsterdam


With Vienna and Amsterdam tied in terms of the categories a winner must still be chosen, and it is… Amsterdam. The reason is that Amsterdam is one of those iconic locations to visit. Vienna is beautiful, full of culture and great, but Amsterdam has that mystique factor connected to its liberal laws. Combine that with Amsterdam’s beauty and the variety of things to do – including riding a bike around – it is the city to visit if you can only visit one of the three.

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