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Travel Clinic Tips and Advice: Travelling to Mexico

In recent years, Mexico has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for UK travellers. Complete with stunning Caribbean landscapes and tropically turquoise waters, and lined with powdery soft sugary white sands, Mexico is a dream destination for honeymooning couples, beach lovers and culture fans alike. It is the best of all worlds.

As Mexico is located in southern America, it is essential that Londoners planning to travel to the country do visit a travel clinic in London such as Trailfinders to ensure that health and safety guidelines are met, and to make yourself aware of any vaccinations or medication that is required to enable you to travel to your chosen destination.

Although Mexico is widely thought of as a Malaria hotspot, typically there is very little need to take treatment against the disease unless you are spending a prolonged period of time outside of the main tourist areas of the country.

It is generally advised that the Riviera Maya and surrounding areas are safe to travel to without the precaution of taking prescription antimalarial drugs. The popular tourist resort of Cancun is situated away from the rural areas of Mexico and is usually considered a low risk area for Malaria.

Other than the main worry of contracting Malaria in Mexico, it is important that you do protect yourself against a number of other diseases. It is best to visit your travel clinic in London from four to six weeks before you travel, to give your treatment the best chance of taking effect before your journey to Mexico.

It is recommended that all routine vaccines are brought up to date before you travel. According to the CDC this includes the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine, and the poliovirus vaccine.

In addition Hepatitis A, B, Typhoid and Rabies preventatives are also noted as required inoculations. While visiting Mexico, you may find that there is a particularly notable number of stray animals. Stay clear of any stray dogs, as they are usually not tamed in this country and are renown to be carriers of the Rabies virus.

While at your chosen travel clinic in London, be sure to pick up any additional health and safety advice and information that is available. Most travel clinics carry an extensive range of booklets and brochures that give a comprehensive breakdown of any safety risks within your chosen destination.

In Mexico it is recommended that travellers drink bottled water, and ensure that all food is cooked to a satisfactory standard before eating. While these standards are usually met by recommended hotels, it is worth keeping in mind if you do travel out from your usual choice of eateries, especially when on trips and excursions.

Follow any given advice and guidelines presented to you to complement your trip to Mexico for a safe and stress free sojourn in the sun. Explore the Mayan Ruins, the Tulum Temple, the Chichen Itza, and make the most of the breath-taking beaches available to you – kick back, relax and enjoy Mexico safely.

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