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Travel Blogging: Tools of the Trade

Travel blogging is the best job in the world for adventurists, since it provides opportunity for to traveling and earning money at the same time. One the one hand, most travel bloggers earn small amounts of money that barely cover their travel expenses, and leave them with only a few extra dollars for a cocktail in a Thai beach bar, a cold vodka in Russian banya or a few ouzos in some Greek tavern with colorful walls. On the other hand, there is also a small minority of travel bloggers who earn much more money, and who stack huge figures into their savings accounts, even after the trip is over.

These tech-loving bloggers also invest lots of money in their travels, in order to get stories from the most amazing places, and top quality photos and videos for their readers to enjoy. These are some of the tools that can uplift your own blogging skills to the next level and place you shoulder to shoulder with renown travel bloggers. What better way to enjoy the trip than to set a bucket list of fun things to do and write about?

tools of the trade


Hardware Tools

There are many different hardware tools that can be useful for travel bloggers. The laptop is a blogging necessity. It’s specific with travel bloggers because they are on the move, and they need their equipment not to fail them far from home and a trusted mechanic. So as you pack your bags, make sure your computer parts are functional, since laptops tend to damage easily on long trips. Other than a laptop, travel bloggers should also have a top notch camera, smartphone, pen and notebook, microphone, portable charger and of course a selfie stick.


Although most travel bloggers are adventurous people by nature, everybody likes little bit of comfort now and then. The TripAdvisor app and community is the number one review website when it comes to traveling. It will help you to find thrifty deals and comfy rooms at your next destination, and it is also great for finding “off the beaten path” sites that are known only to locals. Since TripAdvisor has a very active community, you can use it for arranging a meetup with locals in almost any part of the world and doing an interview or some kind of a guided tour around the sites that mean the world to them. Another excellent app for finding genre-specific meetups worldwide is You can use it to find groups partaking in activities that are sorted by niche, or you can see a list of all the activities and events taking place in a city in a particular period.



TripJournal provides bloggers with all necessary tools for planning and tracking their travels. It records destinations, positions them on maps and enables users to geotag their photos, videos and notes. Travelers can also check their routes on Google Earth maps, since TripJournal is integrated with this map platform. It can also be used for creating maps and sharing them with friends and blog followers. All app content can easily be exported and posted on social networks and different blogs and websites. The app works on both iOs and Android and it recently received a prestigious Google Award.

tools of the trade

Google Maps

It is the #1 map platform in the world, with many features that include directions, navigation, measuring distances, making customized maps (and sharing and exporting them), viewing Panoramio photos from desired places or the incredible Google Street View that provides panoramic view of many streets around the world. One of the most useful features for travel bloggers are customized Google Maps, that can be easily exported and embedded in blog posts, for showing some specific location or traveling route to your audience.


This great photo app is the number one pick when it comes to organizing travel photos. It adds a geolocation tag on each photo and arranges them in accordance to places where they’re taken. Trevi also places all of your photos on an interactive journey map and shows your traveled distance. Currently this app is only available on iOS, but we expect the Android version to come out soon.


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