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panamaThe tired mind requires some fresh air and fresh sites. Traveling to the wonderful city of Panama will enable you to enjoy the scenic spots and to mingle with the warm and loving locals. Travelers love to visit the ruins of the 16th century old Panamanian City, the historic Spanish Colony Casco Viejo and the awesome and modernized skyscraper city. In addition to this, you may also choose to view the marvelous Panama Canal. There are numerous city tours available if you want to spend a few days at your Panama Hotel and explore the city.

When you travel to Panama, you should take time to go to the Miraflores Visitors Center and see the great Canal. The museum features a number of interactive works in addition to the remarkable film that focuses on how the Panama Canal has been constructed. If you want to have an interesting close up view of the ships, you may choose to go to the Center’s outside terrace. After viewing all the nice things at the Center, you may proceed to the Miraflores Restaurant. This is perfect spot because you will be able to enjoy lunch as you view different ships that pass through the locks.

The Casco Viejo has been included in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The Spanish-inspired architecture was built in 1671 but the Panamanian government endeavored to make sure that the relics and other essential artifacts are perfectly preserved. Needless to say, Casco Viejo holds the key to Panamanian history. This awe-inspiring place has undergone a period of renaissance during the previous decade. Lots of gorgeous buildings were restored but there are a number of ramshackle structures that were left unrestored. Another important feature about Casco Viejo is its cool see breeze. You will surely enjoy taking a walk around the ocean and bay areas.

The Amador causeway is also one of the best tourist destinations in the city of Panama. With four stunning islands that will capture your attention as you take a closer look at the skyline, there is no doubt that the traveler will be amazed by the fabulous sceneries. Numerous fresh air activities are being conducted here like cycling, jogging and breakwater works. Once you are tired with these things, you may choose to taste the marvelous cookery at some of the best restaurants which are located near the area. Budget meals and hotel prepared delicacies are being offered to locals and tourists.

If you are the type of individual who loves the nightlife, it is recommended that you visit Calle Uruguay where you can find exciting casinos, night spots and hot hubs for singles and couples. It would also be best for you to find some bars with rooftop vistas so you can have a good view of the city. Disco pubs can also be found in the area and you will surely be dazzled by the talented DJs who regularly perform during the evening. Lots of activities and impressive tourist destinations await the traveler as he takes a journey to this marvelous city.

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