Top Sights to See in Denmark


Denmark is a nation that has a great variety of both city and natural beauty. Deciding exactly what to see in an entire country can be a little tricky without some help. This blog aspires to provide information as to things that you really should see when you are in Denmark. With castles, a mermaid statue, and towns made of lego Denmark truly does have much to offer. A few of Denmark’s attractions are.


DenmarkHelsingorCastleMoat-1280Kronborg Castle 

Kronborg Castle is certainly one of the most regal castles to grace Denmark. Kronborg Castle was William Shakespeare inspiration for Elsinore which was the home of the Danish king in his famous work “Hamlet.” Located in picturesque sea side town of Helsingor this castle is a wonderful day trip for anyone staying in Copenhagen. Keep an eye out for summer performances of Hamlet done inside Hamlet’s original castle.

Legoland in Billund 

Lego land is just like it sounds a massive constructions built from Lego using millions and millions of pieces. There are attractions constructed to suit all ages as well as different rides, activities and exhibitions are put on each year. Billund is in the centre of Denmark and is about 250 kms away from Copenhagen.

The Old Town of Aarhus

The old town of Aarhus is one of Denmarks most interesting attractions complete with a wealth of beautiful old houses, little shops, pubs and cafes. Between January and March travelers receive 50% off to explore this ancient section of the city.

The Island of Bornholm

Bornholm is a Danish Island in the Baltic Sea that has earned the lavish nickname: “Pearl of the Baltic.”With architecture dating back to the 19th century a great selection of beaches and plenty of bicycle paths Bornholm is a great place to spend quality, relaxing time in a beautiful island setting.

Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen

Amalienborg is the winter residence of Denmark’s royals. Completed in rococo architectural style this castle combines a pleasantly uniform exterior appearance and lovely surrounding gardens and parks with a lavishly varied interior. It is easy to see how this castle has become one of Denmark’s best known and popular attractions. Each day travelers can witness the changing of the Danish royal guard. It is possible to pay for entry to see the inside of the palace.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid is still one of Denmark iconic draws. This granite statue is situated near the harbour area in Nyhavn a short walk away from the main pier for the cruise ships. Upon seeing this diminutive statue the amazing architecture in Copenhagen is right there as well for you to enjoy.

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