The Top 6 Museums In Europe

History buffs, rejoice! Museums are a great way to enjoy a trip. Just think of it! What could be better than spending your next vacation seeing some of the most notable museums in the world? You can fill you days with pouring over old paintings, documents, and artefacts. With so many incredibly diverse museums in the world, it’s nearly impossible to choose the very best. (But we had to try, right?) Here are a few of the most popular museums in Europe.

320731_10100354879007001_1491866608_n1) The Louvre, Paris

Perhaps one of the most famous museums in the entire world, let alone just in Europe, is the Louvre in Paris. Originally it was used as a royal palace. After the French Revolution, it became a place to house the Republic’s collection of art. So, this museum doesn’t just offer some incredible artwork, but the building itself is also a huge part of French history. Paintings to check out while you’re there include the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory.

2) The British Museum, London

Museums are so much more than paintings on a wall. Don’t believe it? Then you definitely need to check out The British Museum. This massive space is packed full of antiques, special exhibits, and yes, even some art as well. In fact, this museum is so large that it can easily take you a full day to see everything it has to offer. Some of the highlights are the Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta Stone.

3) The Nationalmuseet, Copenhagen  

Have you ever had an interest in Viking history? Well, then a trip to the Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen should definitely be on your travel to-do list. This unique European museum showcases many unique Viking exhibits. If you ever wondered how they navigated those ships, you can find out here! In addition, there is an ethnographic wing of the museum that takes a closer look at other cultures.

4) The Vatican Museums, Rome

Get ready to be in awe of the incredible masterpieces that the Vatican Museums have to offer. With a collection of mosaics, paintings, and artefacts, there is so much to experience. One of the most astounding things you’ll see here is definitely the Sistine Chapel. Keep in mind that the lines to get inside the museum can be rather long, so get there with plenty of time to spare.

5) Museum Island, Berlin

If you love museums, than a visit to Berlin, Germany is an absolute must. The capitol boasts over 150 museums! However, for a little bit of everything, Museum Island is the place to go. This area has five museums available, each offering different collections that cover everything from paintings to sculptures, exhibits, and other interesting artefacts.

6) Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon

Sometimes, less is more. Just look at the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian. This museum may not be the largest in Europe, but it totes quite the collection. They have a number of different sections to look at, including one that is all about Egyptian culture, along with Greek, Roman, Islamic, and Asian art. Wherever your interests lie, you can get a good overview in Lisbon.

When you’re planning your next trip to Europe, take some time to visit a museum. With so many incredible ones to choose from, it just may be the highlight of your vacation!

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