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Top 5 Most Elite Hotels

Raffles Hotel

The top 5 most elite hotels of the world are:

1. Raffles Hotel, Singapore – The great Raffles Hotel is by all means the elitist hotel in the world, right from the guest list of people who have stayed there to the uniquely appointed suites that bring back memories of ages past like no other hotel in the world. The new and old Singapore comes alive in this magical place. There are the old exotic suites as well as the ultra modern bars, including the Long Bar where you can litter all you want to. The feeling at this hotel is of aristocracy, of belonging to the crème de la crème of the world, the best a man can ask on the planet.

2. The Oriental, Bangkok – The Oriental by the side of the Chao Phraya river is as elite and exotic as it gets for a western traveler. They all dream of fruit sellers in small boats in the morning, cruises in the evenings and out of this world food all throughout the day. This is a Thai paradise like nowhere else in the world where you indulge your senses and experience the best the world has to offer. If there is one destination that can make you forget everything in the world it is the Oriental in Bangkok.

3. The St. Regis, New York – The greatest town on the planet has a truly elite hotel to call its own. The St. Regis is the symbol of grand American Life, the beautiful golden interiors filling you with you with joy as you walk through the lobby. The amazing King Cole bar is the ultimate power destination in the city. The food is beyond compare and the patrons represent New York at its very best. This is the place to go when you want to feel great about being in America.

4. The Ritz, Paris – The Ritz in Paris is as good as it gets in European hospitality, as Ernest Hemingway would attest. The super elite Hemingway bar has often been ranked the best bar in the world, especially for its Sidecar cocktail, often named the world’s most expensive cocktail. All guests are treated as royalty and the rooms embody the ambience that just can’t be beat. The beauty of the hotel touches all your senses and joys of Europe slowly sink in as you walk through this masterpiece. Come to the Ritz and fall in love with Europe.

5. The Peninsula, Hong Kong – Hong Kong delivers the best hospitality in the world in ultra modern environs. The lights, food and festivity make the energy of this city incomparable with any other place on the planet. And the best way to experience Hong Kong is the Peninsula, often named the best hotel in Asia. The power of a super affluent city are all at display at the power tables, as well as the attention of detail of the cuisine that can make the most discerning say Wow! This hotel is a wonder in what is probably the most energetic place on the planet. Hong Kong can’t get better than this. Live it up.

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