Top 5 Golf Resorts

This is an article on the top 5 golf resorts in the United States as rated by various travel experts. Each resort is described individually, with its location, rates, setting, course par and other details being given in the section devoted to it. All are located in the Caribbean region, and all have the normal eighteen holes. If you’re interested in finding out more about this type of vacation, check out Club Med all inclusive golf vacations.

The first two have been rated with five and a half stars, the other three with five.

1) Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort
The Ritz-Carlton Golf & Spa Resort is located in the famous Georgian mansion known as Rose Hall, in the city of Montego Bay in the mountains of northwestern Jamaica. The White Witch Golf Course is located here, and one can receive a magnificent panorama of the surrounding countryside. A concierge service is also present to assist visitors as they play—they help locate lost balls, clean clubs, repair marks left on the balls, and provide tips on how to play well. They even tell players about the lore associated with the place! At various dates in the summer of 2013, the course will be offering discounts on its rates.

2) Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa
On the tip of Baja California Sur, in western Mexico is this resort which contains not one, but eight, golf courses! Their distances from the hotel range from three to twenty minutes, and depending on the season, you can get discounts of up to 20 percent. You can also make reservations with the help of the concierge.

3) Four Seasons Las Colinas Resort
Across the border is the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas, with its two golf courses, TPC and Cottonwood Valley. Visitors to this place can get lessons in play from a team of PGA-certified instructors. If you come with at least seven other people, then you can enroll in courses at the company’s “one of a kind” Golf School, where fitness programs and chair massages are also offered. The program lasts for three days and three nights. Private instruction is also available in such areas as club fitting and fitness evaluation.

4) The Lodge at Koele
The Four Seasons also runs resorts in other places. One of these is the Lodge at Koele, in Hawaii, whose two courses are in sharply contrasting settings—one in the mountains, the other in the lowlands, within view of the beautiful ocean surf. The designers of the latter took advantage of the shape of the land to test players’ swings—you need to be able to swing and aim precisely in order to shoot the ball across natural barriers such as ravines. You can’t get golf instruction here, but it is a magnificent place to play!

5) Greenbrier
The last of the top 5 golf resources is situated at the other end of the country, in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, where a golf club and academy have been set up. At the three course you can receive service from the experienced caddies who work here. You can also have your club cleaned and stored daily, and even visit exhibits devoted to the late Sam Snead, one of the top pro golfers of all time!

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