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Top 5 Cities to Eat in Around the World

There are certain factors that should be considered for a city to be included in one of the top 5 best cities to eat in from around the world. These factors include an eclectic mix of establishments made for dining, the use of ingredients coming from within the region and local markets that could offer the best and freshest foods there is. It’s also helpful if the city is affordable and to cut costs on getting there, compare cheap flight tickets on If you are one of those people who tend to travel just to experience the best dishes various cities in the world has to offer then here are 5 of the most famous cities in the world that can offer you the best dishes you have yet to taste:

1. New York City – New York is home to world class restaurants like Bubby’s, Balthazar and Per Se among others and this is one of the best cities where you can indulge on exquisite cuisines. The city is home for the best dining establishments, whether you are in search of a five star restaurant or dives and diners. Aside from the exceptional restaurants within the city, the most famous markets can also be found here, such as the Chelsea Market, which can offer you gourmet food and ingredients.


2. Singapore – Singapore has innumerable Asian restaurants but aside from that, it is also home to some of the most famous French restaurants in the world, such as One Rochester. This restaurant is popularly known for the seared salmon dish topped with mango sauce and this dish is considered as one of the main attraction in the city. Another great spot where you can indulge on Singapore’s best regional cuisines is Lei Garden restaurant, which is flocked by lots of tourist and locals all day, every day.

3. Las Vegas – people around the world usually visit Vegas for one thing and that is to spend money. If you have enough budgets, you will surely enjoy the finest cuisines that Las Vegas can offer. Here you can find Mexican fusion dishes from various celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. There is also a rage of themed establishments within Las Vegas where you can enjoy extensive types of exquisite cuisines.

4. Sydney – Sydney’s Fresh Food Market is considered as one of the best attractions in the city. In this food market you can find approximately 800 vendors offering various local produce with unique goods, such as gourmet chocolates and flavored honeys. In Sydney, the most popular restaurant is Bills 3, which is known for breakfast mastery. Billy Kwong Chinese Foods and Longrain Asian Cuisines are two other places that you should not miss when you are in Sydney, Australia.

5. London – most people find English food to be a bit bland. However, when you visit London, you will surely enjoy the cuisines offered by various establishments. Authentic Indian cuisine is among the most sought after cuisines in all of England. Another great restaurant is Tamarind, which offers more than 50 dishes including seafood stew. Other famous restaurants that can be visited within London are Thames Foyer and The Fat Duck, which offers a complete breakfast with black pudding and toast.

Whether you are living in one of these cities or you are just visiting, you are assured that you are getting various options when it comes to healthy and fabulous dining. These are some of the places that you will surely enjoy if you do love food and you just cannot get enough of enjoying great dishes and various cuisines.

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