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Top 5 Beautiful International Villas


Villas are meant to be very romantic. There are lots of villas around the world which are the best for honeymooners or even for a luxury family vacation. Some of the top five beautiful international villas are Austrian Chalet, Tuscany coast villa, Ibiza villa, Barbados villa and Bahamas Cove Villa.

Austrian Chalet is a luxury villa which is a historic mansion with a line of Alpine Heritage. It is truly an exceptional location and the tradition and culture will surely leave impressions that will last forever. This site was used by Benedictine monks for a monastery. Later the German baroness had the monastery redesigned for a totally new purpose. This Austrian chalet is definitely worth experiencing in a life time.

Tuscany Coast Villa is another luxury villa which is on the top 5 list because of its exclusiveness. This villa has a location which is few steps from the beautiful sandy beach and clear water. It has a beautiful garden and private swimming pool with all the high class decor you can think of. It is definitely another villa worth experiencing.

Thirdly, the Ibiza Villa in Spain, Europe is situated beside the beach. The honeymooners or families can easily get access to the recreational boats with the help of auxiliary lifeboats. The villa boasts panoramic views which can be enjoyed from the swimming pool as well as the balcony. The property is quite big and it has six bedrooms and six bathrooms with staffs available for any help you want. The recreation sports also will be loved by even kids. It is one of the best places you and your family can vacation to.

Fourthly, Barbados Villa is one of the best villas to visit for it’s location especially. The Caribbean has always been a holiday destination for millions of people and the Barbados is at the top of the list in terms of local. It has relaxed luxury and British tradition which makes it a very romantic fusion. People who want a total escape, this place is it because of it’s privacy. This coral stone vacation villa is set on two and a half acre land with beautiful tropical gardens provides the serenity which many people seek on a holiday. This villa consists of nine bedrooms with nine baths and the experienced chef will give you wide range of international cuisines that will blow your taste buds away.

Lastly, the Bahamas Cove Villa is another villa which is very exclusive. Bahamas Villa is situated on the Old Fort beach which is the best beach on the island. Built on three acres of land, this luxury villa has immediate access to the beach. It consists of a cottage and the main house in a very well known garden which overlooks the entire bay. The villa has been designed and decorated by an international designer. Everything including the furniture is of finest quality. It is one place to be and Bahamas itself has lots of fans as a holiday.

All these villas are very exclusive and expensive, but if you can afford it, they are worth the awesome and private experience you will never forget.

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