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Top 3 Villa Vacations Around the World

When you go on holiday, your accommodation can play a big part in determining how good your getaway is. Hotels and motels can be fun, but for a real experience you can’t go past the beautiful villas around the world.

Whether you want some extra room, or just want to feel like royalty for a little while, a villa is the perfect choice. If you’re planning your next holiday destination, take a peek at some of the best villa vacations around the world…


Abbotsford Country House, NSW, Australia
Situated in the Barossa Valley, Abbotsford Country House is set on over 50 acres of farmland. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by the AAA, you’ll be guaranteed to relax and unwind in luxury. Breakfasts and dinners are sourced locally, so you’re truly getting the Barossa experience – plus, for all the wine connoisseurs, Abbotsford Country House has a cellar of wines from the Barossa region so you can sip away to your heart’s content. During the day, spend some time at local wineries or go for a nature walk; or, if you’re more daring, arrange a hot air balloon ride and see the beautiful region from the air. The staff are always incredibly helpful when it comes to suggesting places to go, so take advantage of their knowledge and experience all the Barossa Valley has to offer.

Augill Castle, England
Why stay in a regular hotel when you can live like the royals instead? The Augill Castle is situated between the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, and there are real turrets and towers here  (as if you needed any more reason than that!). With a cosy and comfortable atmosphere that exudes luxury and elegance, you won’t ever want to get out of bed if you stay here – but make sure you do, because the Yorkshire Dales National Park is packed to the brim with wildlife, nature, and history that you won’t want to miss, and the Lake District is home to spectacular sights of Mother Nature at work.

KC Resort and Over Water Villas, Thailand
Literally sitting on a beach, the KC Resort is truly an escape to paradise. Forget all about your daily problems or your plans to look at new cars for sale; here, you are a world away from your life back home. The over water villas are built over an infinity pool, so you can swim under the villa or sit on an island over water and gaze at the magnificent views all day long. During the day, soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful Chaweng beach at your doorstep, or treat yourself to a spa. At night, sip cocktails outside your villa and marvel at how awesome your life is at that very moment – sounds like a perfect plan.

Isabel Frank is a travel writer who has always wanted to stay in a castle and feel like royalty. Maybe if she stays at Augill Castle, Prince Harry will finally notice her…

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