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Top 10 Things you Must do, While you are in Athens

things to do in AthensFrom old landmarks and medieval places of worship to world-class exhibition halls and top of the line boutiques, it’s difficult to get exhausted in Athens. Contingent upon when you visit, you may even have the capacity to take in a dramatic execution at the Herod Atticus Odeon. There are a lot of things to do in Athens and you can never be bored.

The Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum is the first thing to do in Athens that centers on Greek craftsmanship, from ancient times to the cutting edge age. Its grounds includes a few contemporary and noteworthy structures that house everything from Islamic workmanship to craftsmanship studios partnered with Yannis Pappas and Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika, two surely understood Greek craftsmen.

Antiquated Agora

Antiquated Agora is the most famous of its kind, thanks to some degree to its recorded noteworthiness. Socrates used to address here, and it was likewise here that Saint Paul searched out believers for the then-youngster religion known as Christianity. This is a must things to do in Athens.


If you are thinking of visiting an old site or be attracted by a charming architecture then this is another things to do in Athens. The Acropolis is the most critical old site in the Western world. Delegated by the Parthenon, it stands sentinel over Athens, obvious from wherever inside the city. A look at this heavenly sight can’t neglect to commend your soul.

The historical center of Cycladic Art

If you are a historical lover and can’t decide on your plans when visiting the Museum of Cycladic Art would be the things to do in Athens as it highlights different figures, adornments, stoneware, and weapons. Lasting accumulations are housed in the Main Building, while brief displays are exhibited at the adjoining Stathatos Mansion.

Cine Paris

The Paris was the plain first outside film in Athens, set up in the 1920s. It’s as yet an otherworldly place to see a film, on a housetop in Plaka, with extraordinary perspectives of the Acropolis from a few seats. You can pay a visit here as another add on to your list of things to do in Athens.

The National Archeological Museum

The National Archeological Museum is another must-to-do list among the things to do in Athens that contains the absolute most loved curios of Greece, going back to 6000 B.C., and is viewed as one of the world’s best galleries for antiquated Greek craftsmanship.

National Gardens

Some time ago the imperial patio nurseries, planned by Queen Amalia in 1938, this stop makes a magnificent, shady shelter, particularly when summer warmth and movement turn extreme. Tucked among the trees is a bistro, a vast play area and lakes for turtles and ducks, and additionally a modest, marginally discouraging zoo. Visiting this place would be the best things to do in Athens.

If you are overwhelmed or do not know what to do then you can surely check the above post that explains the various things to do in Athens. These are surely the best things to do in Athens and will be your once in a lifetime experience of which you will really be glad.

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