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Top 10 Destinations for an All-Girl Trip

You spend most of your time working and worrying, and usually don’t have time for yourself as much as you want. Once you do manage to get some time for yourself, you want to plan it and spend it in the best way you can, and what is the better way to do so than going away with your girlfriends. So select one of these destinations that have long served as playgrounds for stylish ladies on a vacation.

  1. Charleston in South Carolina comes with an offer of amazing cultural events, delicious food and funky urban life. It doesn’t lack a wild nightlife, either. While you party at clubs during the night, you can rest and relax in one of many wellness centers during daylight, eating delicious, traditional coconut cake.
  2. If you prefer a relaxed atmosphere and just rest and enjoyment, there is no better place than The Lodge at Woodloch, Hawley, Pennsylvania. Just imagine sitting in easy chairs by the lake, surrounded by oak and pines trees, with your friends, sipping away at your favorite cocktails.
  3. Another amazing destination, if you and your girlfriends are beach fans, is St. Croix, located on the Virgin Islands. While you enjoy treatments at daily spas, don’t miss out on an opportunity to try out some delicious local food. Pirate’s Buffet on Friday nights is simply amazing. From local food to a local cocktail named Killer Cruzan Confusion, mixed from the island’s exotic juices, all of that while live music entertains you.girls beach
  4. If you are a fan of the ocean and beautiful beaches, you should definitely visit Hawaii. You can never go wrong with Hawaii.  When you are going with all of your friends it is better to stay in the Hawaii vacation rentals vs the hotels.  This allows you to have more privacy and can actually reduce cost while staying in a bigger room. From all sorts of daytime relaxation to crazy nightclubbing. Just pack everything and go. Don’t forget to pack some condoms too, because it is Hawaii, and you never know when and how summer love can surprise you.
  5. Asheville– one of the best places to feed your eyes with purest and most beautiful nature, and your stomach with amazing food and tasty wine from the local winery. You can go there over and over, and continue to explore wonderful boutiques that place has to offer, as well as indulge your adventurous side.girl-489113_640
  6. Miami– there is really not much to say, you know it all. Gather your girlfriends and get lost in Miami for the whole weekend, or even the whole week. Leave all your work and worries behind and embrace a permanent spring break situation.
  7. A place where you can really blow some steam off, and then do just about whatever you please is Vegas, naturally. If you can imagine it, Vegas has it. Don’t be afraid of trying new experiences, but do stay on the safe side because remember: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  8. If you and your girlfriends are more into adrenaline than boutiques, you can visit Austin, Texas, and search up some adventure travel company. You’re in the Wild West now!person-598312_640
  9. Another adventurous place is Lakedale Resort, San Juan Islands, Washington. You can relax and rest while staying at amazing hipster cabins. It will almost feel like you are sleeping outside, even as they are fully equipped, and electrically charged.
  10. Finally, you definitely don’t want to miss out on what is probably the world’s most romantic city- Paris, France. There is no lovelier cliché than finding love in Paris. From amazing food and wine, to fantastic clubbing, to charming marketplaces, Paris is a great place to truly come into contact with your feminine side.

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