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Things to do on Las Ramblas Street

Las Ramblas street in Spain is one of the wildest little streets in the world. There are impromptu market stalls, street performers, and even some of the world’s most aggressive prostitutes right there. With such a vast amount of sensory overload you may get overwhelmed and not really know what to do there. Instead of just gawking every which way when you leave your fabulous accommodation, take these sensible suggestions to heart for things to do on Las Ramblas.


Get something to eat at La Bougeria Market 

Just off of Las Ramblas is La Boqueria market place that has all varieties of fruits, meats, and readymade items. Just walking through the market itself and seeing the wears and the bartering going on is great within itself, but that’s not all there is – the food is fresh and amongst the best in Barcelona. A note to the wise, if you look to buy drinks and sandwiches skip to sellers a few rows back often they are half as expensive.

Visit the Columbus Monument 

At the end of Las Ramblas is a monument that is dedicated to explorer Christopher Columbus.

An amazing status in of itself that can be seen from a great distance away, you can also take a small elevator up to the top for a wondrous view over the city.

Take a seat and relax in Placa Reial 

Once the whiles of Las Ramblas have grown a little thin and you need to escape from them a wander to Placa Reial is a good option. Just off of Las Ramblas is a delightful little plaza that has a relaxed nature that will act like an oasis of sorts. All around the square are various bars and cafes. Take a load off at one of them, relax and do a little people watching with a coffee or a beer.

Be sure to look up at the Architecture 

Be sure not to just look at the action, and there is much of it, on the streets of Las Ramblas – look up too. Above the first levels of the buildings, which are mostly taken up for commercial concern, are some fantastic displays of Spanish architecture. Keep an eye open for the Chinese influenced Sabadell Bank.

Check out the Street Performers 

Human statues in of themselves can be pretty interesting, but what makes for more fascinating human statues is mass competition for the attention and dollars of the tourists. Los Ramblas has as many street performers as anywhere in the world and they compete for your attention. Check them out and be amazed at the performance spectacles.

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