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More Things to do in Halifax, Canada

Halifax is one of Canada’s eastern most cities and sits on the Atlantic Ocean. Historically a maritime city, there is much to see and do in Halifax connected with its past as a major shipping port. Filled with local colour visitors to Halifax enjoy taking in museums and sites by day and the city’s numerous options for enjoying a drink and a good meal by night. A few more things that you can do while in Halifax include:

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

1675 Lower Water Street

Halifax is a city that is full of great stories from its maritime tradition so it can be of little surprise that the oldest, most renowned and largest maritime museum in Canada is here. At different times in the city’s history Halifax has been a haven for privateers and pirates, a commercial shipping hub, as well a key military instillation in World War 1 and 2. Halifax also played a key role in the search and rescue efforts to save Titanic survivors. One of the Maritimes museums most popular exhibits includes articles of clothes from Titanic’s victims and as well as pieces of the ill fated ship itself. The Maritime Museum overlooks downtown Halifax and welcomes visitors Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 am until 5 pm.



Across the harbour from Halifax is the historical town of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. First settled in 1750 Dartmouth is known as the “City of Lakes” as it has 23 individual ponds many of which are surrounded by park land. Another of the city’s attractions is the Shubenacadie Canal which was a manmade effort to connect Halifax Harbour to Shubenacadie Grand lake and ultimately to the Bay of Fundy. The Dartmouth harbour is also worth a look for its cluster of historic buildings that have been retro fitted to become cozy restaurants and cute little shops. One of the main reasons for coming over to Dartmouth is the ferry ride itself. During the 12 minutes boat ride from down town Halifax you can enjoy great views of Halifax’s harbour.

 St. Paul’s Church 

1749 Argyle Street

St.Paul’s Church was erected in 1749 and is the oldest Protestant Church in Canada. Modeled after London’s St Peter’s Church, the construction of St Paul’s was an undertaking in of itself with many of the key material components being brought north from colonial Boston. Beyond the grandiose beauty of the Church visitors also notice that there are still metal pieces embedded in the walls which have been left to stand as a reminder to the infamous Halifax explosion of 1917.

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