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The Perks of First Class


When it comes to luxury, there are few things more coveted than first class airfare. Whether it’s known as business class, elite class or anything in between, the name doesn’t matter, it all means a better way to fly. Even if you’ve never flown first class before, you get the general idea of what it involves simply by boarding the plane and walking through the section – in fact, that’s probably one of the reasons economy or coach passengers are made to walk through it, so they see what they are missing.

You may think first class airfare is out of your reach unless your company is paying for it or you win the lottery, but there are ways to get the good life on a flight if you are smart about it. Sign up for frequent flyer programs and accumulate points by doing every day things like buying groceries or gasoline – some credit cards even have flight redemption systems you can put towards upgrades. Because even though everyone gets to the same destination in the same time, flying first class can make the journey all the more enjoyable.

Below are some of the perks associated with travelling first class – some you may be aware of, others not so much – but all of them are a part of living the good life and can be yours as a special treat.


You know what the seats and legroom situation is like in economy and you dread that part of your journey. In first class on some flights, not only is there more room for you to sit but you may even have the option of laying down in your very own sleeping pod. Amenities ranging from pillows, blankets and everything else you could imagine make those oceanic flights all the more bearable to the point of you forget you’re even in the air.


Airplane food has improved a great deal from the early days of flying (if you even happen to be on a flight with food), but the menu options in first class trump it in every way imaginable. Many are ordered ahead of time and are designed by top chefs, paired with a selection of spirits that seem bottomless.


The smaller planes only have a curtain as the separation point, but on some of the bigger planes, like the two floor jumbo jets, have staircases that lead to first class – so you never even see the best seats in the house. If you’ve ever been stuck on a transatlantic flight with a bunch of screaming kids before, you’ll know how valuable privacy is.


Before you even take off and after you land, you have access to a lounge where you can relax, enjoy a meal and a drink and even be pampered to get the full travel experience. These lounges are often unavailable to anyone other than the elite travellers and are a side of airport travel that once you are exposed to, you will find it difficult to live without.

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