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The Most Expensive Places To Stay In Spain

Oscar Wilde said so decadently, “Let me be surrounded by luxury, I can do without the necessities!” So, when one is travelling to an exotic destination, such as Spain, one can easily apply this Oscar Wilde principle in life in that place as well! Looking for some luxurious, lavish and oh so comfortable places is a good way to spend a vacation in Spain. Whether it is the super luxurious hotels or some opulently appointed villas, Spain offers plenty of places for one’s comfort and luxury needs. It is also a good idea to take the many convenient flights to Malaga and begin one’s luxury stay in Spain. In fact, it may be a good idea to save some money for a luxurious stay by booking tickets on cheap airlines.


The Hilton in Barcelona

Even though it is positioned as a business class hotel, The Barcelona Hilton can make the experience pleasurable as well. This hotel lies sprawled in the middle of the city and has a huge number of lounges, meeting rooms and working spaces.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel Arts Barcelona

The landscape alone in this place is completely worth the price! Richly-created terraced gardens, a view to die for and a healthy number of bars – The Arts Barcelona is a wonderful place to spend some time in. This hotel is also known for its immensely exotic cuisine. With a view of the Port Olympic, this hotel is richly appointed inside and out! One of its standout features is the collection of Spanish contemporary art that runs through the hotel.

Finca De Arrieta, Lanzarote

Walking into this place will give one a feeling that every piece of furniture and every piece of decoration has been handpicked from some place really exotic. Every room has a view and the whole place sits amidst gardens of flowers and fruits. There is also a huge degree of interaction with nature around this place. From going collecting for ingredients for typical Spanish cuisine to whipping up the dishes, this is a marvellous experience.


The Grand Marina Hotel

Art, comfort, design and a view come together in opulent splendour in this hotel. The hotel is positioned as being exclusive and avant-garde and, in fact, counts luxury as one of the five senses on which it is built. Interestingly, this hotel is built to look like a luxury cruise liner and has all manners of health-related spa facilities as well.

Casa La Siesta, Andalucía

Apart from the different luxury hotels that Spain has to offer to the locals and its tourists, the country also offers luxury villas or home stays. And one such place is the Casa La Siesta. There is a sense of earthy luxury about this place and it is just a small walking distance away from some of the best beaches in Spain. This is especially nice for a honeymooning couple, who want to be ensconced in luxury and privacy.

The Claris

This is yet another art hotel in Spain, which is renowned for its ancient furniture. The hotel also has some amazing works of sculpture that date back to the 2nd century. One additional point of interest is the fact that this hotel is a short walk away from a UNESCO World Heritage Site called La Pedrera.

Casa Olea

Again, not a “hotel” in the conventional sense of the term but one must stay here for its eco-conscience and wonderful views of the mountains in Andalucía. There is an astounding range of avian life to enjoy and olive gardens to look out at.

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