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The Five Best Jazz Clubs in Rome

Might seem that jazz is a bit more of an American phenomena then Italian, but still Rome is a city that seeps out culture of all genres and form. Having went in stages from controversial in its origins all the way to elegant and refined in modern times Jazz is a great way to enjoy a little time here in Rome. There are few jazz bars in Rome that will afford you the chance to grab comfortable seat, a cold drink of your choice, and hear some great jazz music.


La Casa del Jazz

All the greats of European and American Jazz have performed here at the ”House of Jazz.” With amazing acoustics, a fantastic restaurant, and pictures of Jazz greats actually performing in the venue this a venue that seeps tradition. The hall is decorated with wooden beams running from ceiling to roof, dramatic drapes, and cushioned seating.

Stazione Birra

The “Beer Station” hosts many rock, blues, and jazz greats to its stage. The venue is two floors of tables, generally covered with Italian style BBQ and different Italian micro brewed beers. Expect top quality jazz players and blowers gracing the stage each and every night.

The Boogie Club 

A little out of the central The Boogie Club is worth the trip. With the likes of B.B. King and Robert Johnson having owned the stage in the past you know the Boogie has a blues pedigree behind it.  Not fooling around beer is served in large German style stein glasses. Varied music is performed, depending on the evening you can hear Blues, 70’s, or folk music.

Be Bop Jazz Club 

The smallest of the venues listed Be Bop is still equally as charged as the other venues listed. Black and white Video footage of Jazz masters like John Coltrane and Wes Montgomery entertains the crowd during performance interludes.

Alexanderplatz Jazz Club 

Alexanderplatz is the oldest jazz club in Rome. The sheer vibrations of trickling trumpet and the upright bass will follow you, like an imaginary friend, around the bar. This underground jazz club is known for summer jazz festivals and a rich list of luminaries that have played here and still do. The divide between players and the crowd is small as there is no stage just a gap between the audience and the musicians. Expect people like Stefano Bollani, one of the world’s best jazz pianists to “just” be in the crowd and on a whim take the stage with the players. That is the kind of place that the Alexanderplatz Jazz Club is.


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