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The Ever Changing Demands of Luxury Travel


In the same way advances in technology have made every day life seemingly never sit still, the travel industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs and expectations of the modern traveller. It’s a cutthroat, easy to get left behind industry that has hotels and travel companies doing their best to get ahead of the competition to give people the experience they are looking for.

There was a time where simply having a phone on the premises that could be used for making international phone calls was an incredible convenience. Then it became one in every room. Then you could call using rebtel. Even internet connections have changed drastically in the last few decades, from nothing to a single dial up connection to high-speed wifi in every room for you to use your mobile devices for free. It gets to the point now that if you don’t offer something like this, even if it’s something your customers will seldom if ever use, it means the difference between having your resort fully booked or not at all.

At the very least, hotels and even decently priced hostels should provide their patrons with access to the internet through a few computers that residents themselves can use as they see fit. There’s a great debate as to whether computer access should be included in the rate or free of charge, but in this expanding age of microtransactions, it’s quite nice to be able to pop online, check the sports scores back home for a few minutes or make PC to Phone calls back home through a third party company like Rebtel, and not worry about paying an extra 2 euro just to log in.

Most people when they decide to stay in a luxury villa, apartment or hotel aren’t there to spend every waking minute online or in front of a screen. Who in their right mind would fly halfway around the world to a tropical destination or in a place designed to ‘get away from it all’ just to be right back in ‘it all?’ Worrying about guests using up bandwidth in a country that may have it more expensive and temperamental than they are used to back home shouldn’t be a concern if your venue is engaging.

The simple truth is people do want some of the creature comforts of home when they are abroad, if nothing more than just to feel comfortable – which is the goal of many luxury vacation spots. They also need to be able to know they can reach their loved ones back home if something goes wrong, check the weather for their return and even book excursions online.

As travellers, we reward those businesses that give us what we want by giving them our business and it’s up to them to ensure we have what we need while on holiday. Those that give us access to those things that make us happy, such as technology, understand the true meaning of luxury.

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