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Tamil Nadu is the southmost state in India and it’s home to a wide range of enticing holiday destinations. Tamil Nadu tourist destinations embrace however not restricted to picturesque valleys, gorgeous beaches, tranquil hill stations, tranquil parks, attractive temples, and scenic mountains.



Vellankanni could be a tiny hamlet on the shores of Bay of geographical region. It lies at a distance of fourteen kms from Nagapattinam in the state. The sacred Basilica of Our Lady of Health, placed here, is one in all the foremost vital Christian Pilgrimages in India. It attracts pilgrims from everywhere the globe regardless of caste and creed. The impressive building could be adorned with Gothic vogue design and is a marvel in itself. Mysteries and miracle-stories are common here and also the church is command in high-esteem for its wish-fulfilling power. The sidewalls are superbly embellished with biblical incidents. What is additional peculiar is that, pilgrims here follow several Hindu ways in which of providing which has tonsuring of heads and ear-boring.


There are many desirable tourist attractions in Chennai. This fantastic city offers some stunning beach resorts. Marina Beach is that the pride of Chennai which surprises you at its best. Visit the historical Fort St. martyr and travel into time. urban center conjointly has several non secular centers, Temples and Churches. The Parthsarthy Temple and Kapaleeshwar Temple were made within the thirteenth century area unit the instance of the Dravidians architectural skills.


The city has turned into a very popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers alike because of its temples and places of worship, which were constructed by the monarchs of the Madurai Nayak and Pandyan Dynasty.

The city is one of the major pilgrimage hubs for the followers of Hindu religion. The temples and religious compounds in the city were built by implementing the Dravidian pattern of architecture.If you want to experience the feel of the harmonious blending of history and religion, you should travel to the temple city of Madurai. Madurai is almost synonymous with the famed Meenakshi Temple. Located on the banks of River Vaigai, Besides displaying its cultural legacy, Madurai has also emerged as a commercial hub, being a well-known producer of textiles and exporter of jasmine flowers.


While shopping in Madurai, you can buy locale manufactured cottons and batiks from Puthu Manadapam Market, just outside the eastern entrance of the Meenakshi Temple. The interesting things about the rows of tailoring shops here is that they can stitch a dress for you in an hour or two. You can also pick up the famed Madurai silk and handloom sarees from big textile showrooms like the famous Hajeemoosa Textiles. If you want to buy souvenirs in wood or brass, you should visit the Cottage industries emporium and other government emporiums nearby. Madurai is also famous for its ethnically crafted jewelery if you want to indulge in the pleasure of buying gold and silver ornaments.


Thanjavur attraction adds delight to tourism in Tamil Nadu. The attractions of Thanjavur enable the tourists to capture the vitality of the landscape. It also helps the tourists to know more about the cultural heritage of the city. The tour to Annai Vailankanni shrine is particularly not missed by the tourists who have an inclination for eligious structures. A number of excursions from Thanjavur can be planned on a tour to this place, which is one of the most well known tourist destinations of south India.

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