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    The Top 6 Museums In Europe

    History buffs, rejoice! Museums are a great way to enjoy a trip. Just think of it! What could be better than spending your next vacation seeing some of the most notable museums in the world? You can fill you days with pouring over old paintings, documents, and artefacts. With so many incredibly diverse museums in the world, it’s nearly impossible to choose the very best. (But we had to try, right?) Here are a few of the most popular museums in Europe. 1) The Louvre, Paris Perhaps one of the most famous museums in the entire world, let alone just in Europe, is the Louvre in Paris. Originally it was…

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    Barcelona or Florence?

    People lives are busy with a variety of different commitment as much as we would like to do it all as it were we really can’t. Naturally the same goes for traveling. Decisions have to be made how to spend ones time and what places really would be the best to go at the exclusion of the others. Buying into that idea this article is going to discuss where exactly you would go if you could just go to one of these there cities – Barcelona or Florence. Both cities are wonderful art filled placed nestled into the Mediterranean and would be worth your time. In order to judge the…

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    How Technology has Changed Travel

      When new technologies are developed, are older technologies become cheaper and thus more assessable to people, there always are changes in social interactions. The availability of cheaper laptops and smart phones have had a direct affect on travel. Being able to easily communicate to people thousands of kilometres away has had several effects on how travel is happening now. These effects include: People are more distant to one another Staying in hostels today is a lot different than ten years ago. Back then there were generally a couple of computers available that people would use to check emails and surf online a little. Now, as the cost of lap…