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    Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal

    Combining a parkland, a Biosphere Reserve and a Tiger Reserve, the Sundarbans parkland is found within the Indian State of West Bengal. The mangrove forests are a neighborhood of the bigger Sundarbans and lies in shut proximity to the Sundarbans reserve forests within the neighboring republic of Bangladesh. The parkland was established in 1984 and is basically comprised of swamps, rivers and mangrove forests of the Ganges Delta. The parkland is spread across a massive 1,330 sq kilometers and is encircled by a complete of seven rivers with their various channels and estuaries that transverse these mangrove forests. The mangrove forests of Sundarbans are comprised of the special and exquisite…

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    Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka

    Spread across the hills of Western Ghats, Kudremukh National park is basically a “forest on the peaks.” A peculiar peak here, the Kudremukh peak is formed sort of a horse’s face and lends the forest its name. The peaks here appear to merge with the clouds whereas the deep valleys affectionately accommodate the forests and every one the superb variety in their laps. It’s the second largest protected region within the Western Ghats. The scenic fantastic thing about this place paints a serene image that may leave you stunned! Lying within the Chikmaglur district of state, the forest houses 3 main rivers: Bhadra river, Nethravati river and Tunga river, stunningwaterfalls…

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    Agastya Mala – Enjoy the Trip

    The name ‘Agastya Mala’ actually refers to a 2000 meters tall peak located within the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. While it is not traditionally a hill station, Agastya Mala is located in the Western Ghats mountain range and is also a part of the Agastya Mala Biosphere Reserve and the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Tamirabarani River originates from the eastern side of the hill range and flows perennially into the Tirunelveli district. The peak and its surroundings are known to have been the abode of the Hindu Sage Agastya from whom the Tamil language was born. The region was known to be a part of the Ayi Dynasty’s…