explore sydney

Explore Sydney

Set within unique part of Australian continent, where sea embraces the land and creates dreamy marine ambient, Sydney is undoubtedly among the most beautiful and vibrant cities within southern Earth hemisphere. Anyway, Sydney is more than just giant cosmopolitan area -it’s a place full of precious historical roots mixed with aboriginal culture, urban and colonial architecture and recognizable Aussie lifestyle. Attractions and landmarks swarm from every part of the Sydney, but still, some of its areas and spots stand out as unavoidable part of every visitor’s city tour:

Fascinating Sydney’s beaches

There’s probably no person who haven’t heard about irresistible vibrancy and entertaining spirit of Aussies’ favorite Bondi beach. Located just step away from buzzing city heart, Bondi is a paradise for beach fun lovers which offers great surfing opportunities, number of laid-back beach bars and captivating summery atmosphere.

explore sydney

You can embrace Sydney’s beaches by trying relaxing coastal walk from Bondi, across popular Manly to serene Coogee beach, great for swimming and lying beneath exotic parasols. If you’re not fond of walking, jump into the train and head for Cronulla beach, ideal for surfing, snorkeling and relaxing beach walks, or can simply take your surfing board and try to ride the waves on ruffling Narrabeen or Dee Why.

explore sydney

Sydney’s slice of nature

Thanks to its great seaside position, Sydney is greatly connected to divine ocean beauties, so you can explore amazing underwater scenery in Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, a home of breathtaking sea creatures which dive through Australian waters. Anyway, if you look for different natural environment, come by to wonderful Chinese garden of friendship in Darling Harbour, and relax among bunch of lush willows while enjoying fascinating panorama of koi pond.

Walk through rich city history

Those searching for city’s history nest should come to The Rocks, gorgeous historical area tucked within magnificent Harbour environment. Previously populated with aboriginals, The Rocks area later became the first piece of Australian land settled by Europeans, and now it is amazing complex of impressive historical spots, first colonial houses and great Rocks Discovery Museum, where you can travel through precious aboriginal heritage and colonial history roots.

explore sydney

Glorious Victorian period touched Sydney more than any other Australian city, but apart from admiring opulent Victorian architecture you have a chance to stay in Randwick accommodation which reflects authentic spirit of real Victorian mansions. Continue in the same style and visit George Street, Australia’s oldest street, rich in glamorous architecture, including Queen Victoria Building devoted to beloved British Queen and St Andrews Cathedral which features picturesque neo-Gothic style.

explore sydney

Recognizable Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

As globally known Sydney’s landmark and largest world’s steel arch bridge, Harbour Bridge connects two sides of fascinating harbour environment and creates the most impressive over-water scenario. While you’re in this part of the city, try a walk through Bridge Climb to enjoy jaw-dropping view on harbour and entire Sydney, but if you have time come by to nearby museum to hear impressive facts about the bridge. Raised in recognizable harbour surrounding, the Opera House is another unavoidable Sydney’s attraction, so don’t miss a chance to take a boat cruising around this glorious shells-shaped building, sit in nearby cafe and admire its architecture or even book a tour through its interior which includes first class theatres, concert halls, exhibitions, etc.

explore sydney

Sydney’s energy is inexplicably captivating, so once you step into this marvelous city you’ll wish to stay here forever.

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