Why You Should Stay in a Wilderness Log Cabin in Lapland

Some places in the world are just made for vacations, from adventure driven destinations to sun kissed resorts, but there are many other holiday spots out there you may have missed that would be right up your alley. If you’re looking for relaxation, adventure and a touch of the different, why not check out Lapland?

Located in northern Europe in the countries of Sweden and Finland, Lapland is the traditional home of the Sami people and the heart of the Scandinavian heritage. It is here that you can see the northern lights in all their breathtaking beauty, free of light pollution and the smog of the cities. It is also here that you can enjoy the tranquility of being cut off from much of the outside world in a log cabin that makes for a great relaxing holiday. Take a look below for a few more reasons why a visit to Lapland might be for you.

Rugged, Beautiful Country

Part of the allure of taking a vacation to Lapland is seeing a part of the world untamed by the influence of great numbers of people. The reason for this is evident as soon as you arrive and see the vast open expanses and thick boreal forests. The animals and indigenous people who make this home have adapted to the land to survive among the elements – you don’t have to worry about that if you’re in a log cabin, but it’s important to respect the land as they do.

Fantastic Winter Activities 

You can venture up here almost any time of year, but most opt to take advantage of the incredible Lapland winters that seem more natural up here than almost anywhere in the world. As a result, the conditions are perfect for cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and everything in between. It can get very cold during Lapland winters, so be sure to pack the appropriate clothing!

igloo-village-cabinPeace and Quiet

There is something uncanny in solitude that can’t be replicated amongst the urban sprawl of the cities – breaks from the rush of the world give you a chance to reflect and really take stock of what matters. Where you decide to get a cabin is up to you, there are ones close by others or just about as ‘last man on earth’ as you can get. Be sure to view log cabins here to get just the right level of serenity that your holiday is calling for.

Change of Pace

Everyone stays in resorts when they go on holidays at some point in their lives – usually somewhere hot where clothing is minimal and the drinks flow like rivers after the rains. How many people take off to a place like Lapland and spend their holiday in a rustic log cabin? Chances are you may be the only one in your peer group and its not because it’s inferior but rather overlooked. Make their loss your gain and head to Lapland for a great holiday this year.

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