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How Do you Stay Stylish on the Road?


So you’ve booked a fabulous vacation to a sensational destination like Tenerife or the Greek Islands and you’re getting ready to leave. You have everything packed and, for once, you’re not running behind – you have some time to spare. You look in the mirror and think ‘wow… I really do need a vacation’. Now you have two options: you can just toss on your same old comfortable traveling clothes or you can bust out that outfit that makes you feel like a movie star. If your response to this is ‘why does it matter?’, you should definitely choose the latter option.

luxury-hotelIt’s not easy looking good while traveling for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s because you can’t bring everything with you from home. That doesn’t mean you give up though, it just means you need to take a few extra steps in order to look your very best. Find fashion tips for busy travellers with the ever helpful Heathrow Express news that this month features a discussion on the trends hitting London and abroad, which inspired this brief look at ways to help you look the best on your vacation.

Pack your Clothes Intelligently

Some people have been traveling all their lives and still have no idea how to pack to make the best use of space and ensure their clothes don’t look terrible when they arrive. While everyone knows wrinkled clothes are the bane of living out of a suitcase, you can limit the damage by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This not only avoid creases but will actually save on space, allowing you to fit more or at least avoid cramming things in. Another pointer for packing smart is to avoid fabrics that don’t travel well, such as linen, and if you need to bring something super formal, like a suit, be sure to use a garment bag and leave enough space so it isn’t stuffed in your suitcase.


If you’re heading to someplace in the sun like the Mediterranean or Canary Islands, you’ll want to protect your skin from the sun. This means not only wearing sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays, but putting on moisturizer and drinking water to avoid turning into an old leather bag. Remember, your skin is the most stylish suit you own!

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Few Pairs of Shoes

This is mostly for the ladies, but it does well for your sense of style to pack at least three pairs of shoes for a trip. One that is comfortable for walking in, one that is good for the beach, and one that is a good ‘goes with everything’ formal shoe for classing it up at night. A chic pair of black heels (closed or open toe) ensures you’ll look stunning for the romantic dinners you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Plus, gentlemen, some restaurants will not let you in if you’re in sandals! As long as you follow the packing tips and roll your clothes, you’ll have plenty of space for maybe a few more pairs!

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