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Spectacular Views Of World Cities

Getting yourself to a high elevation then soaking in a majestic city view is a fantastic way to connect to a city. A cascade of modern buildings or a world class harbour always takes on a different hue from above. Every city with tall buildings will have somewhere to look over the city, but the places listed here are impressive both for the buildings people observe from and the world cities they look over.


The Sears Tower, Chicago

Though the Sears Tower itself is not considered a beautiful building, the view it provides over one of the United States most cosmopolitan cities is wonderful. If you get yourself to the SkyDeck on the 103 floor, which is 412 metres above ground the view is fantastic – you will be able to see up to 75 kilometers across nearby Lake Michigan. This vantage point actually allows you to see into three different states: Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai

The Oriental Pearl Tower has become the most recognizable building in the new, ever expanding Shanghai. Literally the pearl of the Pudong business district visitors are treated to a 468 meter view over the ever transforming Shanghai cityscape.

The London Eye, London

Created near the turn of the Millennium, hence its other name – the Millennium Wheel, the London eye provides a fantastic view over central London. The wheel is situated on the South bank of the River Thames, near committing train station Waterlou, and provides fantastic views of the sights on the other side of the Thames: Big Ben. Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament. Rides on the world’s largest ferris wheel take 30 minutes to complete and reach 135 meters upwards.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

This iconic building, once the tallest in the world when it was built in325 meters, provides amazing views over Paris. The highest viewing platform, of which there are three at different levels, is over 300 meters above ground. The view of the city of lights is spectacular and really shows why Paris is the most visited city in the world by tourists.

CN Tower, Toronto 

The CN Tower is the highest freestanding structure on land in the world standing an impressive 553 meters. Situated near Lake Ontario the tower provides both a fantastic view of this massive great lake and a view of downtown Toronto. The tower contains three observation decks, a revolving restaurant, and – if you are daring at heart – a glass bottomed elevator so you can see how high you actually are.


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