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Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Hen Night


Are you looking to have a memorable hen night but don’t have a clue where to start? Do you want to blow away the competition (ie your friends) with your insane night that people will talk about for years? Look no further than right here (or perhaps, right here) for a few helpful suggestions to make your night almost as great as your wedding – maybe even more so in some cases!

There are plenty of simple ways to take the ordinary up a notch. These vary from little things like getting to and from the event to the entire event itself. Would you prefer it to be stretched over a few days or can you only get the ladies together for an evening? Is your ultimate dream to blow the dust off your one horse town and get out somewhere crazy? Yes, even the ridiculous can be catered to!

Take a look at these pointers to plan a wicked hen night, bachelorette, stagette – or whatever you want to call it. It’s all about the bride for this, so make it fantastic. For more tips, be sure to visit Girly Night Out!

Getting Ready – Upgrade to Spa Treatment

Sometimes the best thing about a great night out is getting ready for it – and this can be improved upon with a few little touches. Tell the bride you have her booked in for the full spa treatment, getting her hair, nails and make-up done in addition to getting wrapped in seaweed or mud or whatever options are available. Nothing signals a great night ahead like a little pampering!

Transportation – Upgrade to a Limo

You really can’t beat being driven around in a stretch limo – it’s the ultimate in luxury and lets you have more time for socializing without worrying about how you’re going to get from one point to another. There are tons of options available from regular limos to limo buses and everything in between for getting picked up and dropped off in style.

Dining – Upgrade to a Multi Course Meal in a Private Room

Breaking bread with friends is a great start or basis for any evening, but why not do it with a bit of style? Find out if the place you’re going offers a multi course meal and drink pairings – or even if they have a private room to make it feel all the more intimate. If you don’t have any places like this available near you, why not head to a different city that does have it? Have all the bride’s favourites on hand and being served in an elegant venue that will make her feel truly special.

Entertainment – Upgrade to What She Loves

Some brides love the crazy stuff but others hate it – know which kind of bride yours is before you plan the main event or else risk her not having that great of a time. Does she want to go dancing? Maybe arrange for bottle service or a private booth at a top notch club. Does she love movies? Book out the whole theatre for the evening just for your group. Big sports fan? Spring for a private box to cheer on your favourite team. When you split the costs between everyone, you can go all out to make her have a great time.

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