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Sample Fantastic Cocktails on a Caribbean Luxury Break

I see myself as something of a cocktail connoisseur, so, when I go away on holiday, there is nothing I like doing more than sampling locally-made drinks.  For those keen to enjoy some great-tasting beverages over the course of a luxury break, the Caribbean is one destination that I really can’t recommend enough!

Obviously, this part of the world is famous for its beautiful year-round weather and golden beaches and what better way to experience these than while sipping on a refreshing rum cocktail? Doing so will not only help you to cool down if you ever find the glaring sun to be a little too much to bear, but also helps you to experience one of the region’s most famous exports.

Originally produced as an offshoot of the Caribbean’s sugarcane fields, rum is now made all over the island, with both dark and light varieties widely available. So, if you’re thinking of taking a holiday to somewhere like Barbados or Antigua (you can find special deals on the latter by clicking here), which cocktails should you try first? Here’s a guide to a few drinks that I think are particularly refreshing.

PainkillerThe Painkiller

In times gone by, rum was believed to be a good hangover cure (it was even handed out as a daily ration to British sailors until the 1970s) and, while I can’t say I’m convinced about its medicinal qualities, I think the Painkiller cocktail is a delicious drink to try.

Created in the British Virgin Islands, this cocktail features a mixture of dark rum (often Pusser’s, but it can be made with other brands), orange juice, shaved ice, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Once these ingredients are mixed together, the Painkiller is topped off with a bit of grated nutmeg.

Summer Gold

Seeing as it is named Summer Gold, I’m quite sure you’ll find this next cocktail is perfect for drinking while you enjoy the Caribbean’s amazing weather. Originating from Antigua, the drink features dark rum, peach brandy (although you can substitute this with peach schnapps if you prefer), caster sugar and lime juice.

All these ingredients are shaken together in a tumbler before they are double strained, topped with champagne and gold leaf and poured into an elegant flute glass. Order one of these and you’ll have a flavoursome drink that is bound to put you in that holiday frame of mind.

Lick of Sunshine

Last on my list is Lick of Sunshine. Once again, rum is the main component in this cocktail (albeit the light variety this time) with passionfruit and pineapple juice also included.

The drink is made by mixing rum and pineapple juice together in a highball glass, before squeezing passionfruit into the glass and stirring until smooth. As it is garnished with pieces of pineapple and passionfruit, this is a fantastic way to experience the Caribbean’s tasty exotic fruit, alongside its world-famous rum.

These are just some of the delicious cocktails that this part of the globe has to offer, though I’m sure you’ll soon come across one that you like. If you’re keen to find out more about how rum is made, why not take a distillery tour? This gives you the opportunity to learn about the production process and you may even have the chance to sample some more rum!

If you’re planning a holiday to the Caribbean, let us know which of the region’s drinks you are looking forward to trying the most by leaving a comment below.

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