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Responsible Luxury Vacations


Taking responsible travel is very important these days. It’s not enough to simply find a great deal on something extravagant or tip generously when you have the opportunity to, but one must be on the lookout for ways to respect the Earth. Whether it’s respecting the cultural wishes of a people or taking care to assist the environment, taking responsibility for your leisure is something we have an obligation to do.

The same goes for luxurious travel, which in the popular perception, can go one of two ways. First, people looking for this kind of luxury have no concern for the ills of the world and behave like snobs – they’re paying a lot of money so they don’t have to care about these ‘trivialities’. The second manner is it is up to those who can afford the finer things in life to fund the responsible initiatives – something many of them believe makes them superior to those who do not. Both attitudes are rubbish.

Simply put, spending an arm and a leg neither relieves you of your moral obligations nor does it require you to do so. The choice is ultimately yours and it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping around for budget accommodation or something palatial. There are options out there that will let you be a responsible traveller, just be sure to pay attention! Some of them include:

Carbon Offsets

There are many airlines that allow you to offset the emissions spent through your travels. Other options see you visiting third party websites that do it independently – and they are cheaper than you probably realize. Make sure the organization is reliable before you enter your credit card information though.

Laundry Services

Staying in a fancy hotel has the added benefit of maid service that changes your sheets, towels and anything else you have in your room. Many hotels now offer you the choice of not having this performed every day in an effort to use less water, electricity and detergent – a small grace, but responsible nonetheless.

Sustainable Food

Patronize restaurants that serve locally grown food from farms using responsible farming practices. Even if you order food that is grown locally, you’re likely helping to support local farmers while cutting down on shipping costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Not Being Wasteful

You really can’t control what restaurants or hotels do, but you can take all reasonable steps to watch your own actions. Take care not to litter, reuse things when necessary and be sure to turn off appliances, lights and water when you’re not using them in your hotel to take some strain off the power grid. Just because you’re not paying for it financially doesn’t mean you’re not paying for it in harder to perceive manners.

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