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Reasons to Enjoy Solitude

Check out the Reasons to Enjoy Solitude and plan your trip:


DesertThe desert offers a stark contrast, its dry air and hot sands a far cry from the relaxing sound of the sea. But it also holds something eternal in it. Spending time in stillness is how the desert speaks to the spirit. One place famous for this and which cultivates solitude in gratifying ways is the Painted Desert of Arizona. Miles of multicolored rocks and cliffs surround you as you drive past them with awe. There is an instant awareness of their age, for over 250 million years of geology are recorded in their strata. When you stop and get out of your car you can see the terrain for miles and can imagine it is a planet created before humans settled on it. There is an absolute solitude, and yet a feeling of profound connection to the earth.


Walking in a vineyard in the morning, gazing down at the sloping hills on that the grapevines are set, is one of the foremost peaceful experiences. Roaming through the paths when no one is around in the early hours brings a sense of being out of time. When the early fog lifts it leaves tendrils among the paths like wood smoke. In California’s Sonoma County there are several vineyards that you just visit and catch time alone.


The labyrinth is one of the oldest forms of meditation and there’s evidence of them in nearly every culture. It is intended for solitary contemplation. Unlike a maze, where individuals will wander off, the labyrinth hosts a specific purpose. As you walk along the spiral path inward to the center, you shed the troubles, worries, and most of all, distractions, that occupy you. When you turn around at the center and retrace the spiral path out again, you feel, inevitably, renewed and free of a burden, usually one you didn’t understand you carried. Entering a labyrinth isn’t troublesome –there is one in nearly every town and you’ll be able to even make your own in your own back yard by creating a spiral path, and bordering it with plants or colorful stones.Labyrinths

Camping in the Wilderness

The kind of camping described here that encourages solitude is plain camping – that is, not in an RV. It means setting up a tent, making your own campfire, and bringing along a sleeping bag and supplies. It doesn’t mean you have to be far away from civilization – just far enough that you just can’t hear traffic on a road nearby or the sound of outboards on a lake.

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