Provence is a Paradise for Foodies

Do you enjoy your food? If you’re like me, there will be nothing you like doing more on holiday than tucking into the delicacies of the places you’re visiting. While France’s worldwide reputation for producing sumptuous food and drink means it’s a fairly obvious destination for all foodies, I think Provence is tres magnifique!

Come here for a holiday and you’ll have the opportunity to shop at some amazing markets that sell local specialties like truffles and soupe au pistou (a type of basil and garlic soup). Of course, there are other things in life than food and while the region is blessed with a fantastic culinary scene, it’s also a great destination for a getaway due to the fabulous range of tourist accommodation.


In fact, booking a holiday villa in the French Riviera here means you can stay in a gorgeous property that comes with stylish amenities, such as a private pool and modern kitchen. Of course, if you’re a foodie you’re most likely to be interested in the latter, as you’ll have all the tools you need to whip up restaurant-quality meals using the food you’ve just bought from local farmers and producers. To learn about where you can find some of the best markets in the region, read on.

This hilltop village is definitely worth exploring, not just because of its array of charming 17th and 18th-century properties, but also because of its great weekly market. Held every Friday, the market sees traders from across the area sell their wares and you’ve the chance to pick up locally-grown fruit and freshly-made bread.
If you want to learn more about the region’s culinary heritage, I recommend you check out the Boulangerie Museum. This museum, which is based in a 17th-century house, looks at the history of bread making and milling over the years and exhibits a variety of cooking tools, including ovens and mixers.

As one of the largest towns in the region, Aix-en-Provence is a place that I think even the pickiest of eaters will love. There are plenty of markets to visit here – in fact, local tourist officials claim there is one for every day of the week – so you should have the chance to pick up some great purchases, whether you’ve booked a villa in the town centre you’re staying in the heart of the countryside and are just visiting for an afternoon.

Head to Place de Verdun and you can shop for local delicacies at one of Aix-en-Provence’s grandes marches (that’s major markets to me and you). Saturday is the biggest day for this market – although it’s also open on Tuesday and Thursday – and you can pick up everything from honey to cheese.

Last, but definitely, not least, Marseille is a wonderful place for foodies to visit. Head to the Capucins market at La Canebiere and you’ll find a great selection of exotic fruit and spices, while La Plaine sells a range of traditional Provencal fare.

I really like fish, so I think it’s always worth making a trip to the market at the city’s Old Port. With an array of seafood available for sale, you can easily buy all the ingredients you need to make that classic French dish bouillabaisse. Although the particular ingredients that the stew contains will vary depending on who you ask (restaurants and French families usually have their own individual take on it), scorpionfish, sea robin and European conger are considered to be essential elements and can all be bought here. Take them back to your villa and you can soon create an authentic bouillabaisse that will go down a treat with everyone who eats it!

If you’re thinking of taking a food-focused holiday in Provence, please leave a comment and let us know all about it!

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