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Places to Eat Authentic Tapas in Granada

Something that is quintessentially connected to Spain is tapas and something you should definitely partake in if you’re holidaying in this magnificent country. A wonderful idea really, Spanish bars while serving drinks to their patrons keep them in the bar by also offering up small snacks at the same time – often for free. These snacks are the old bag of stale pretzels in the back either. Often they are delicious meats, varied vegetables and other fascinating little snacks. Tapas has risen above the bar and is now served in restaurants to that cater to it. A few places to get some sumptuous tapas in the city of Granada are.


Bar Casa Julio – 5 Calle Hermosa 

This bar specializes in delicious fish based tapas. As you enjoy your drink you’re free to get wonderful tapas brought to you as well. A few of the favourites served here include: shrimp, marinated monk fish, squid and a local favourite deep fried anchovies which arrive in cumin spiced batter.

Bodega Espadafor – 59 Calle Gran Via de Colon at Calle Tinajilla.

A 19th century bar with fluorescent lighting, walls covered with ceramic tiles, and hand rendered depictions of Andalusian life. Some of the great tapas that comes available here includes pisto topped with quail’s egg, meat and mini meatballs. There is also a great selection of sherry and other fine wines.

Casa Torcuato – Albayzin Alto

Casa Tocuato has been a fixture a lovely little plaza called the Albayzin for years. Classic tapas is served here in good, heaping portions. Weather permitting, which is almost every day, tables are set up inside the square for idyllic outdoor dining. The pescaito, a fried fish, served with pasta salad is particularly recommended.

Los Dimantes- 26 Calle Navas

Calle Navas is an upscale section of town lined with tapas bars and yet Los Diamantes is the star attraction with its earthy, downplayed charm. Known for innovative tapas with such tapas as deep fried courgette and varied fish. Always packed popular and cheerful Los Diamantes is a great option for tapas.

Tabema El 22 – 22 Cuesta de San Gregorio

Tabema El 22 is a lovely operation with a popular terrace. Tapas or not this is one of Granada’s nicest bars with a youthful, knowledgeable staff. Thankfully there is also a wide variety of varies tapas such as favourites – broad beans and ham.

Paprika -3 Cuesta de Abarqueros 

Paprika is a bohemian style bar with a smart, canopied terrace. Also a restaurant, Paprika still serves up a great tapas with your drink that won’t soon be forgotten.

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