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Paphos Off-Season

The best time to visit a luxury hotel or villa in Cyprus is during the very early spring – or very late autumn – and the best resort to visit for those of us who also like to do a little sight-seeing is surely Paphos.
Paphos is a resort which has something to suit all tastes, but if you like to get out and about a little, then come here during February, March, October or November – for perfect weather conditions for a ‘combination’ holiday. During the rest of the spring and summer months, the weather is too hot for many of us who enjoy walking and touring, whilst in the depths of the winter, you will enjoy some glorious sunshine, but may find it a little too chilly for beach holiday.There’s plenty to see and do in Paphos – and particularly so for those of us who enjoy our Green and Roman histories.The town’s main tourist lies to the north and south of the old harbour and castle. Here, you will find the World Heritage Sites of Nea Paphos and the Tombs of the Kings. Nea Paphos has some of the best examples of ancient Roman mosaics anywhere. The tombs of the Kings, meanwhile, a mile to the north of the harbour, houses the burial chambers of the upper echelons of Hellenistic and Roman society from the 3rd century BC to the 3rd century AD.Take a few minutes’ walk inland and you’ll find the ancient columns of Chrysopolitissa, one of which (St Paul’s Pillar) marks the spot where St Paul received 40 lashes for evangelising.

These are just a couple of examples of what Paphos has to offer the cultural tourist – and they barely scratch the surface. But the resort also appeals to those of us in search of simpler pleasures of sun sea and beautiful beaches off season.

Check out the municipal beach on a cheaply rented sun-lounger or take a boat trip to the beaches of Coral Bay. Alternatively, why not relax by the pool at the Elysium Hotel Paphos in five star luxury whilst also enjoying this amazing hotel’s world-class Spa facilities in true Greco-Roman style?

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