Paddle Sport Dream Destinations


For the sports enthusiasts out there, taking their favourite hobby, like stand up paddle boarding or canoeing, on the road is one of the most exciting and memorable things they can do. Testing out your mettle in a new venue not only pushes you physically but also allows you to see a side of a travel destination most never do. If you want an adventure, this is the way to go!


When it comes to paddle sports, it’s all about the adventure and with so many waterways worldwide, the hardest part often comes on deciding where to start. In possession of more freshwater and natural beauty than you can shake a sick at, Canada is an obvious must-see destination. While it’s always desirable to have your own gear, some destinations just don’t make it possible due to transportation costs or bio security risks – no worries, just use rentals and keep your pride and joy at home.


Here are a few paddle sports and their Canadian dream destinations. Consider checking them out if you’re looking for a great time!


Kayaking in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

A beautiful destination all around, this national park is located on the western part of the easternmost province in Canada. Kayaking is the perfect way to see the hidden waterways, glide along the rocky coast and catch glimpses of moose as they wade in for a drink.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding the Fraser River, British Columbia

Grabbing a stand up paddle board and hitting the water can be both a relaxing and challenging adventure and no place is better suited than the Fraser River in Canada’s westernmost province. Framed by gorgeous mountains and picture perfect forests, this river can be the peaceful solo trip or the daring group adventure depending on the point in the river you choose.


Canoeing the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories

If you want a challenge and aren’t afraid of being truly out in the wilderness, consider taking a trip up to the far north and traverse Canada’s longest river as it winds and bends through nature unseen by most of humanity. The ultimate in water sport adventures, you’ll be sure to secure bragging rights if you take on this challenge in your canoe, solo or part of a group.

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