Seminyak; The Silq Private Residence
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Seminyak; The Silq Private Residence
Seminyak; The Silq Private Residence

Villas are exquisite venues for holding intimate events or even taking time off with your loved ones. There are many villas that are available in different destinations. The villas can be rated with the quality of the services that they offer to their clients. Better still, the location of the villa is also a key determinant of what is to be expected in from the villa. The following are some of the Most Romantic Villas Abroad that people can hold their events ranging from weddings to the honey moons.

Seminyak; The Silq Private Residence
This is situated at the center of Kerobokan in Seminyak, Bali. The villas have an exclusively warm and romantic atmosphere that is bound to serve the purpose for any couple who are looking for a perfect getaway to share romance at its best. There are many elite restaurants in the Seminyak locality where the visitors to the villas can go for meals outside their castles and enjoy the meals and drinks together. The villa is furnished with hard wood teak floor, a Jacuzzi and an infinity edge pool. Basically, the villa has been furnished lavishly to provide the most romantic atmosphere for people who visit it.

Torre di Clavel; Amalfi Coast, Italy
This villa is found in the Amalfi Coast of Italy, the land of romance. The villa is renowned to be luxuriously spacious. it has excellent service provision for their clients and reassures the clients of ultimate privacy and tranquility during their stay in the villa. The villa has a stone tower that stands tall near the cliff of the ocean. This shows that the villa provides direct access to the beach as well as various water fun activities. These water fun activities include boat landing and water taxiing. The villa servants provide excursions to their clients to Capri Pompeii and even Ravello.

The Viva La Hay Villa, Mt. Irvine
This is another exquisite villa that is located above the Mt. Irvine Golf Course. Unlike the previous villas, this one is built with Mexican art and styles and it is in 3 levels. This makes the villa have a panoramic view of the golf course, Pigeon Point, Buccoo Reef as well as the Nylon Pool. This villa has passed the test of time as it has witnessed many colorful and celebrated weddings. It has adequate space for holding the wedding guests comfortably as well as providing luxurious space and furnishing to the couple who are wedding.

Villa Fiore, Italy
Italy has been renowned for its romantic landscapes and mansions. Villa Fiore is one such perfect villa that is located near Todi. The villa is very spacious with 8 bedrooms, a big and splendid pool as well as a pool house that is meant to keep fresh drinks by the pool. The villa has a well equipped kitchen, a living room that has an exclusive TV set. Moreover, the villa’s study has internet connection and there are charming chairs in the park for all people. this villa is perfect for holding around 24 guests.

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