Most Beautiful Chateaus in France

Although the word chateau is most frequently translated as castle in English it most often means palace or manor house in the French language. For example, the notable Chateau de Versailles doesn’t bear any resemblance to a castle, therefore it’s renowned in English as the Palace of Versailles. Evena lot of confusingly is that the most famous castle in the foremost notable castle in France is named the Palais des Papes, set in Avignon.


There are thousands of chateaus in France starting from ruins to elaborate estates. A number of the foremost visited French chateaus embody those set within the South of France and within the Loire Valley, favored for their Renaissance style of architecture.

Chateau de Chantilly

Located simply forty kilometers (25 miles) north of Paris, Chateau de Chantilly and every one of its charm is mirrored upon its encompassing fosse. inbuilt 1560, Chantilly presents an entire package of lavish rooms, a art gallery, splendid gardens and spectacular stables. A tour of the interior reveals the richly embellished rooms with their exquisite chandeliers, ornate carvings, furniture and art works. A must-see is that the assortment of paintings and book illuminations within the Musee Conde, one amongst France’s finest art galleries. A stroll concerning the grounds leads guests through the formal gardens designed with stunning pavilions, sculptures and fountains. The chateau overlooks the Grand Stables and Chantilly Racecourse, which was used as the venue for the racecourse scene in the James Bond film A View to a Kill.

Chateau de Pierrefonds

Often used as the setting for many tv shows, the Chateau de Pierrefonds stands out like a fairy tale castle perched on a hill overlooking a picturesque village. Originally created in the twelfth century, Pierrefonds was later enclosed in 1617 by War Secretary, Cardinal Richelieu, when its owner joined a political party opposing King Louis XIII. Left razed by Richelieu’s troops, the castle remained in ruins for 2 centuries till Napoleon Bonaparte determined to require on the project of restoring it throughout the mid-1800s. Though Napoleon upgraded Pierrefonds into a far more grand estate, the spacious rooms were left unfurnished. However, guests will still appreciate its splendor once they view the charming drawbridge, courtyard, towers, corridors, chapel and embattlements as well as the underground crypt that contains the remains of many French kings.

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