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More Elaborate and Extravagant Penthouse Suites

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It must be good to be rich and afford to stay in places that are nicer than most people’s houses for more money a night than most make in a year. This means pools in your room, one of a kind views only possible for others from drafty observation decks and service befitting a beloved monarch. You may shake your head at such extravagance but if these kinds of places didn’t exist, where would the mega rich spend all their money? Why let it go to waste?

Rather than debate about how best to spend this kind of money while looking for deals on, let’s instead ooo and aah over just what is out there in the world of penthouses and know that life truly is good for those on top.

The Bridge Suite of The Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas: This hotel is situated on a bridge and The Bridge Suite links two towers from the hotel. Pretty cool, right? You would have to spend all your savings and college tuition for your kids to stay for one night stay here. Crazy, right? But totally worth it! There aren’t a lot of luxury suites that have this type of design, making this not only an extravagant stay but a unique one as well – your friends will be green with envy.

The Presidential Suite of Hotel Cala di Volpe: Situated in Costa Smeralda, Italy, it is within a unique Mediterranean area, where this magniloquent hotel is situated. The presidential suite operates at $21, 000 for each night and the price doubles within the summer, right around $42, 000. This private Mediterranean area is also where the world’s richest people and celebrities come to enjoy their vacations. This presidential suite comes with an outdoor swimming pool, private wine cellar and private health and fitness gym.

Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez: This hotel is found in Cannes, France and it’s features include a Michelin-starred restaurant along with a piano stand. There you’re treated to a private seaside experience. The costly penthouse suite has 2 bathrooms, one sauna, a health spa as well as a shower, along with a huge terrace that provides visitors an impressive panoramic view of the Bay of Cannes.

Ritz-Carlton Suite: If you have got $26,000, you are able to enjoy the posh atmosphere of this particular suite in Tokyo. Anticipate an extra-large marble restroom, huge bedrooms, fretted sheets made of linen, rainfall shower booths, as well as flat-screen TVs. Keep in mind, Tokyo has a ridiculous population density and space is at an ultra premium, so staying in a hotel like this is the ultimate form of extravagance and luxury.

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