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7 Essential Mobile Apps for Travelers

The very existence of mobile devices has made our lives significantly easier. It is hard to imagine any aspect of our lives that was left unaffected by these handy little devices; traveling and tourism are no exceptions to this general rule. There are numerous mobile device applications that can help you travel smarter and in a more pleasurable manner. Still, here are 8 mobile device apps that a tourist of the 21st century shouldn’t even consider planning a journey without.

  1. Weather Free

There are many cultural differences across the globe, however, that shouldn’t be your only concern. The differences in local climate between two places can be so great, that planning a trip without considering them can have serious repercussions. This is where the Weather free app offers its helping hand. By installing this app on your mobile device, you will be ensured that you will never be caught off guard by the weather at your target destination. This notion helps you in both packing and planning your vacation.

  1. Trippeo

One of the most important things on a journey of any kind is the notion of expense management, and this is where Trippeo is second to none. Install a Trippeo app on your mobile device or even laptop, connect it to your credit cards and remember to regularly update it on your spending in cash. This way, you will always be aware of every single dollar that you spend. When observed in the long run, this app can be a real lifesaver.


  1. Waze

Now, since we already addressed the issue of choosing the best flight path, more often than not (especially with locations in your proximity) you will not travel by plane. Still, deciding to go on a road trip can create several other problems on its own. First of all knowing the best and the most optimal path is crucial since it saves you not only time but the gas (and therefore the money) as well. For this reason precisely, it is often best to simply install the Waze app on your device to help put your mind at ease. This will make your trip not only more wallet-friendly, but less stressful as well.


  1. Uber

The fact that the Uber app has managed to significantly suppress most of the taxi companies, some of which were around for decades, speaks a lot about this company. When in an unfamiliar city, you are not aware of the taxi customs or their reputations; however, Uber is the same wherever you go. Furthermore, Uber has an optimized paying system and it is easy to summon a car from wherever you are by using a simple app. It is for these exact reasons that this app is a great asset to any traveler.


  1. Kayak

As you already know, in order to fully utilize your trip, there are many issues that need to be addressed. There are no concerns that are more important than getting the right flight and the right lodging. Luckily for you, the Kayak app can help you solve both of these problems in the matter of minutes. Finding the most affordable flight to your desired location, and the best lodging within your budget, has never been easier.


  1. Tripit

If you consider yourself to be a systematic person, then Tripit might be exactly what you need. This app helps you plan your travels in steps or checkpoints to ensure that there are no loopholes in sight. Furthermore, by linking this app to your mail, you can easily confirm your reservations to any restaurants or hotels you planned on visiting or staying at.


  1. Localeur

When in doubt, ask the locals. This has always been the most reliable way of getting around in any unfamiliar turf. However, in the early 21st century even this is made quite simpler. Localeur is a brilliant app that informs you on all the places worth seeing in your vicinity. The list is composed based on a thorough survey of the local populace about the points of interest in their region.


As you can see, every single one of these apps has a clear tendency to make your trip significantly easier (and more fun). On top of that, most of them are designed to save both time and money of their users; which makes them not only handy things to have, but an absolute must. After traveling just once with the help of these amazing apps, you will see all the difference that they can make.

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