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Luxury Vacations – Pre-Packaged vs. Build Your Own


Have you ever wondered what is better – building your own vacation or going with one designed by a travel company? Maybe you’ve been on both and prefer one over the other due to any number of reasons, or maybe you are trying to decide which way to go to get the best possible experience for your time and money. This article will try to help you in that decision.

While you can go about taking a vacation in any number of ways what it really comes down to is what kind of person you are and what you want to get out of travel. What is good for one type may frustrate someone else, so be sure to know what you want prior to booking or try them both so you have insight into what each entails.


Pre-Packaged Vacations

These holidays are put together by people who make travel their business, which has many advantages built right in. This means they are often able to secure deals unavailable to the general public and have access to locations that outsiders may not, such as special accommodations and after hours viewings of certain sites. In many cases these types of vacations can be tailored to a certain degree to your individual taste, but overall they do not require much thought on your part – you simply pay, show up and they take care of the rest.

That level of hands-off can frustrate some people who want to have a little more control over what they do on a holiday. Many vacations like this have a very fixed itinerary and don’t offer much in the way of imagination. On top of that, having someone design your holiday can be quite pricey and eschewed a bit more towards the older demographic of traveller who grew up with this type of travel. If you’re looking to save money, cut out the middle man and design it yourself.


Build Your Own

You can be sure that every aspect of your trip will be to your desires if you plan it yourself from the flight departure time to the order in which you see various sites. Just feel like having a day where you do nothing? No problem – you can choose to cancel your plans or simply not book anything that day and save money otherwise spent on an excursion you might not get anything out of. When you build your own vacation, you are the one in charge.

Except there are certain things that you cannot get or you may not know about if you build your own holiday. Unless you are a travel insider or have done this kind of thing before, planning your own trip can be a nightmare of organization, resulting in savings in some areas but wastes in others. The experts are experts for a reason and it may be worthwhile giving up a bit of control in order to ensure you are maximizing your time and money. Last minute luxury trips planned yourself tend to be very expensive in comparison to the pre-packaged sell-off type – so keep this in mind.

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