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Luxury in Your Backyard


Ever want to get away and do the things you’ve always dreamed but have a ton of things standing in your way? Whether it’s a lack of time, a shortcoming of cash or a combination of the two, there are a million things standing between you and living your dreams. On top of all that, it’s a pain to have to go far away to do these things – wouldn’t it be nice if you could live a life of luxury at home… but without going broke?

Well, you can!

You can take a mini vacation from any aspect of your life on a moment’s notice if you know how to plan. By scaling back your huge and possibly ridiculous goals and dreams, you can have a taste of the good life for a fraction of the cost. Best of all – if you find out you don’t really like it that much, you aren’t stuck with any commitment.



Dream #1: Awesome Car

Problem: Not enough money to buy/maintain

Solution: Rent a Luxury Sports Car for the Weekend


If you’ve always wanted an Italian sports car or just to drive a wicked convertible, renting for the weekend can give you that thrill without the huge financial burden that may be out of your reach. Sure, it’s not yours but taking it for a drive out on the open road may give you more satisfaction than if it became your everyday thing. Plus, you can sample different cars each time!


Dream #2: Stay in a World Class Hotel

Problem: Each night costs the same as your mortgage/you only have a weekend

Solution: Spend a Night in a Local Hotel Suite


Okay, depending where you live, there are still some really expensive hotels that are out of your reach, but if you shop around online and watch for deals, you can probably find an amazing room for a fraction of the cost. In room hot tub, view overlooking a city skyline – sounds like a great break from your every day.


Dream #3: To Relax Like There’s No Tomorrow

Problem: Can’t afford to get away/you only have one day

Solution: Get Pampered at a Local Day Spa


You would be surprised how many spas there are in your local area once you start looking. Many will have you forgetting about all your troubles and likely won’t cost you the arm and a leg that your last all-inclusive experience did. Don’t want to go even that far? Find spas that will come to you and turn your home into your own private oasis.

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