La Belle France – The World’s Most Popular Holiday Destination

Taking a vacation to France opens up a world of possibilities for travellers that really can’t be reduced to a simple visit. Too many people lump a visit to France in with seeing a variety of other destinations, which is fine, but to say you’ve seen the country in a few days is absurd and an injustice to this incredible nation. You can easily spend a few weeks in any one part and see something new and exciting every day without the need to travel elsewhere to get your traveling fix.

With this in mind though, you may want to decide what kind of holiday you are keen on before departing and plan your accommodation accordingly. France is a big country with many distinct regions famous for particular things, from wine to great food to outdoor recreation and history – you can find it all on the official tourism website for France. Just to get you started though, take a look at our breakdown of some of the many parts of France just clamouring to be explored.

menton-village-in-south-of-france-giancarlo-liguoriSouth of France – Relaxation and Luxury

If ever there was a place dedicated to living the good life and taking it easy, it would be the towns and villages of the French Riveiera. From Marseilles to Cannes to Nice, you won’t have a problem unwinding and rubbing shoulders with some of the who’s who of  the European elite – it’s a great place to take a vacation. Do it in style with a sweet villa through and find just what you’re looking for to love every minute of the Mediterranean life.

Ile de France – Culture and Urban Appeal

Most people who go to Paris think they have seen France, and while they are sorely misinformed, there is a ton in the Ile de France region to keep you entertained so that you feel you never have to leave. From museums to monuments, shopping and urban rush, Paris and its surrounding area is a great place to start and an even better place to return to, for there is a reason it is the most romantic city on earth.

North of France – History and Rugged Landscape

Heading up to the northern regions of France gives you a glimpse into the area so influenced by the English across the channel and the maritime life. This is the area also where the troops made their landing during WWII on D-Day, so for anyone with connections to that time in history, this is a must visit site.

French Alps – Beauty and Recreation

Beautiful all times of the year, this region really does shine when the temperatures drop off and the snow blankets the mountains. Skiing is a national pastime in France and one that sees people from all over the world flocking to the chalets and resorts in the mountain towns to carve out the powder and enjoy the cool alpine air. If you’re someone who enjoys skiing or just the après ski activities, be sure to make this a stop.

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