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Living Large in Koh Samui, Thailand

As one of the largest islands on the eastern coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is enjoying the same popularity on travel charts that the rest of glorious Thailand is. Thailand has been unconquered for centuries, and this is easily felt in the stupendous culture it boasts from every corner. Koh Samui, merely an island getaway, is full of lush spots to enjoy your vacation, and it attracts thousands of visitors each season with its many fascinating and photogenic nooks. If you have Koh Samui in your line of sight, read up to get the basics of your trip:

koh samui

Experience Thailand

As a famous tourist destination, Koh Samui has many different types of accommodation to offer. You have the choice between luxurious villas and affordable bungalow hostels, with a lot on the menu in between. As for the food, don’t fret. Thai cuisine has made its rounds across the globe in fine restaurants and fast food joints alike. In Thailand, Koh Samui as well, you can revel in street food, and there are few markets that’ll feed you so well as Thai street markets. But do not believe for a second that this is the same food you order on casual Fridays back home. No, this is authentic, warm cuisine, prepared by caring locals, every bite begging to tickle your taste buds. Also, keep in mind that your foreign stomach may find Thai food a little bit overwhelming – as with all exotic vacations, have a slew of digestive relief, whether in the form of pills or self-control. The gentles way is definitely to take up a habit of refreshing detox teas, to purge your stomach of any flavors too zesty, and to soothe you after a long day of hiking.

koh samui

Do as the Thai Do

Koh Samui is a great place to learn about Thai culture, history, and religion. You can afford to spend a day away from the beach to check these spots out, don’t worry! The Big Buddha Temple is certainly a tourist favorite, a massive, golden monument of religious value. It stands 12 meters tall, and it is visited by thousands visitors per day, so prepare for a bit of queueing. The best time to visit it is in the morning, when locals come to pay their respect, and bring offerings to the temple.

koh samui

Wat Khynaram is a Buddhist temple made popular thanks to its main feature, the Mummified Monk. Some travelers find the custom a bit macabre, but Thai tradition pays equal respect to life and death, and the mummified body of the monk Luong Pordaeng has been displayed as a shrine since 1973.

Wat Plai Laem is another fantastic Buddhist temple. Home to the 18-armed statue of the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Guanyin, this is not only an eyeopener, but relief for the soul as well. The 18 arms of Guanyin are prepared to offer help and safety to anybody who needs it.

But it is not all temples and man-made monuments. Koh Samui boasts the slightly hilarious Hin Ta & Hin Yai rocks, two rocks sticking out of the water that look like male and female genitalia. The legend behind these Grandpa and Grandma rocks, as they are called, is a story of familiar devotion and the importance of marriage, a celebration of love.

By now you must be ready to take a plunge.

koh samui

The beaches are pristine, lovely, sandy, and tame, but how about taking a day off to take a dip in a waterfall? Na Muang Waterfalls are two cascades, rushing into a lake. It is popular to go by elephant on a tour to these waterfalls and to swim there, but animal rights societies are not wrong to insist upon the ban of touristic abuse of these majestic animals, Thailand’s most beloved inhabitants. Elephants have it tough in any touristic environment, and Koh Samui’s giant sweethearts are no different.

koh samui

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