Most Interesting Places to See in Philadelphia


Planning a trip to Philadelphia may appear to be overwhelming. The city has so much history, culture and incredible nearby sustenance, it’s difficult to know where to begin. In the event that you just have a couple days to take everything in, you will most likely be unable to see and do everything. Nonetheless, with a couple tips, you can make sure your trek will incorporate all the best stops.

The Liberty Bell is not just a central icon of American democracy but happens to be centrally located, as well.

The Liberty Bell attracts in long lines of guests and, in its present home, it is no more obvious from any outdoor vantage point. Plan by getting tickets for a guided strolling visit that incorporates the Liberty Bell. Ideally, see the Liberty Bell in the morning, leaving whatever is left of your day open to investigate the encompassing neighborhood. Tours are lead by experienced and knowledgeable guides in period costumes, which can make the educational portion of your visit fun for the whole family.


After seeing the Liberty Bell, walk six blocks west on Market Street and turn right on 12th.

Redding Terminal Market will be one block north on your right. A Philadelphia favorite, the business sector is an indoor gathering of nourishment counters and slows down serving cooking from around the world. Attempt the nearby top choices as well, for example, Philadelphia cheesesteaks and Amish apple turnovers. Next, stroll down past Market Street, taking a right hand turn on Chestnut or Walnut. When you get to seventeenth Street, you will be in the center of Philadelphia’s high-ticket shopping district.

A unique outing to the heart of South Philly is justified regardless of the exertion.

Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks sit facing each other from inverse sides of the same crossing point. Each has its unwavering fans. Either, in any case, is equipped for making you the best cheesesteak sandwich you have ever had. Be careful with the guidelines for proper ordering!


Finally, be sure to visit the Please Touch Museum. On the off chance that Lewis Carroll and Willy Wonka joined their creative impulses to outline an exhibition hall, this would be the outcome. An indoor carousel and an existence size reproduction of Alice’s casual get-together are among the miracles to be seen here.

Similarly as with any large city, there is constantly more to find in Philadelphia. You may not get to everything in the guidebook, but rather you can encounter the best of what the city has to offer. Utilize these tips as you plan your trek to Philadelphia and you are certain to leave happy and well fed.

Have you ever been to Philadelphia? Do you know whatever other fascinating spots to find in Philadelphia? Share your thoughts, please!



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